My Birthday Wishes!

  1. Hey guys. Well, its my B-day, haha I think a lot of you guys know that already because of my insanely huge mouth. Well, I made a powerpoint presentation of Murakami and the MC Speedy and presented it to my mom yesterday, and suprisingly she didnt say no right off the back. She said give her a day to think. Well today is the day. My Birthday. I really hope this works guys! Thanks for all of your support, I mean probably everyone has told me to freaaaaking get the MC.

    Any other good comments I can make about the bag to help in persuading my mother? hehe.


    lol at making a powerpoint presentation for your gift. that's true desire. i'm too lazy and oldschool for that. i would cut out pics on a posterboard and make a collage instead. or just email her. lol

    i hope you get one of the bags you want!!!

    have a great birthday!
  3. ^ aw. thanks girlie.
  4. :heart: :balloon: Happy Birthday Sweetheart!:heart: :balloon:

    Powerpoint presentation....ha! love it! did you pass out a booklet so everyone could follow along too? think she'll go for it?:graucho: hope so!:yahoo:
  5. :flowers: happy b'day girl!!! all the best of luck for you and hope your mother will buy you the MC speedy :yes:
  6. Happy B-Day! A Powerpoint presentation? That's very creative!!! I hope you get your birthday wish!!!
  7. haha that PP sounds cool!

    hope you get the bag! :smile:

    happy bday!
  8. Happy birthday :party: I truely hope you get it :biggrin: !!
  9. Happy Birthday Sophia!!!!:party: :heart:
  10. hehe. thanks. from one sophia, to another!
  11. Thanks for you all's comments. It made my day.

    AND im making a little booklet right now as i type, haha!
  12. Happy Birthday Sophia! I hope you get your long awaited MC Speedy!! :yes: That would be quite the bday present.....guess I should of done some PP to my parents when I was younger.....I always got the "practical" stuff! LOL

    Good Luck!
  13. ^ aww. thanks!
  14. Happy Birthday!!!! I love that you made a powerpoint, what a cute idea! I hope that you get EXACTLY what you are wishing for:yahoo:
  15. Happy birthday! I hope you get the bag! A+ for effort. :smile: