My Birthday ... thank you ladies... *with Reveal*

  1. I would like to thank all the ladies for wishing me a happy birthday. It is so sweet of you to think of me. :heart: I had a wonderful but very busy day yesterday... First we brought the kids to school. In the morning I finally got my DH to join me for the Hot Yoga session (I haven been begging him for a while). We had a lot of fun. He was pretty shocked it was so hard and actually he really liked it (he says). My birthday presents were waiting for me on the table... but I had to wait till the evening. In the afternoon I went to one of my presents... a personal knitting class... it's something I never learned and always wanted to do. It actually went pretty good and I signed myself up for the next class and will make a scarf then. The day flies I had to pick up the kids from school again.. DH made a delicious dinner and afterwards there was this yummie chocolate cake ... and then to opening the presents: my DH & I aren't that romantic with our presents... he instructs me precisely what to buy (usually some golf clubs, or GPS or some other golf goodies) and me too (or I buy it :lol:). He bought me some clothes, jewelry and a nice wooden jewelry box AND.... the present I already bought for myself...... :yahoo: , from my mother & oma I got something H. too (very soft) and from my friends gift certificates to buy more Hermes goodies;) and yoga and running gear;). By all I had a super day, though the number 40 is creeping on to me...

    Thanks again ladies to make my birthday even more wonderful :love:
  2. Can't wait to see PICTURES! Happy birthday! :heart:
  3. H&H happy birthday. It seems like you have had a good time enjoying the day with your family. Forget about numbers of the age...hehehe:flowers:
  4. H&H - happy bday! what a blast you had celebrating your bday!
  5. Happy Birthday H&H! H-appiness always!
  6. yay! so glad you had a great bday! now show us the stuff!
  7. Happy birthday!!!!
  8. Happy Birthday, H&H!!!:party::party:
  9. I will hlfinnmistress :smile: ... still pretty hectic here..
  10. Happy birthday H&H, 40 is the new 30 I say, maybe even 25! (I only have a few years left too!).
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR and all the best
  12. Happy Bday H&H!!!!
  13. Why is it when you want to make pictures the battery if done and I can't find the charger :cursing:, now I'm charging my Iphone... very sooooooon
  14. H+H -- Happy birthday!!! Sounds like you had a really nice day. I love hot yoga. I had to take the summer off because it was too hot outside and it would take me too long to cool off. Hopefully I'll go back soon...
  15. thank you razorbackbelle0, Chloe_concord (I'm trying), medusa, hermesgroupie, Lune de Miel, ebruo, Lilach (love that fireworkd) & missmarbella

    add on: and Abbyroad (just missed your post... yeah I'm all into it too, don't you feel great after you have done it?)