My birthday present

  1. Hubby got me the soho tote for my birthday last week. I am really happy, he went shopping on his own and picked it out himself so I will treasure it. I am really loving how roomy this bag is. My coach loving bff gave me the scarf. Just thought I'd share.
    Soho tote 1 003.jpg Soho tote 1 005.jpg
  2. lovely hubby and bff!! They are definite keepers!!

    And the bag, scarf, and lips are beautiful!
  3. that is uber cute...he is definately a keeper...:yes:
    I wish my boyfriend would do something like that!
  4. Cute, great pick for having gone out by himself! Lucky you :yes:
  5. Love that pocket tote! Congrats - your dh is so thoughtful!
  6. Nice it's just wonderful to have a hubby who cares.:love:
  7. How sweet! Those are both cute!
  8. How sweet?! Can't wait 'til I find an "enabler" one day. Lol.
  9. That's awesome. I love it when guys do stuff like that. :smile:
  10. What a sweet hubby, mine would never so that for me!! And, of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
  11. happy bday!!! my DH is hopeless when it comes to gift giving! he hasn't given me any gift! i don't even know why i married him! LOL! so sweet of ur DH and bff!!
  12. It is so cute! Love the charm too.
  13. What a wonderful husband and friend! They're so beautiful!

    Congrats and happy birthday!
  14. thats cute, did you already have the key-chain or did you also get that?
  15. Very cute!! congrats