My birthday is almost here - help me choose a bag :)

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  1. #1 Apr 3, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
    I'm looking at getting a bag for my birthday in 2 weeks. I prefer to buy investment long term pieces. I don't need to be on trend, but would rather have a bag that will likely last the test of time.

    I'd love your help or ideas on what to buy.

    I'm thinking maybe:
    - Givenchy Antigona in small (I tried the medium, its really heavy and large on my 5 '2 frame.)- I am not sure if this bag would last the test of time and stay on trend.
    - Valentino Rockstud lock flap bag - yeah another trendy bag... but it's so pretty.
    - A Chanel pre-loved bag?
    - Chanel wallet on a chain?

    I'd love a new everyday type of bag that I can use instead of the LV Bloomsbury that I use 99% of the time.

    This is what I currently have:

    - Chanel m/l classic flap caviar black
    - Chanel GST caviar black
    - Louis vuitton speedy in the white damier azur (never used... i just don't love this bag. I have had it for a few years but have never once reached for it. I don't like the way it slouches.
    - Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM damier ebene - I adore this bag but also think it's an endless pit. When I put something in it, it takes me forever to find it. I just wish that I had purchased the MM instead. The GM is really large and really only looks right on me when I cinch it in.
    - Louis Vuitton Siena PM in Monogram. Rarely reach for this one.. not sure why. It just feels awkward when I use it with the shoulder strap.
  2. Maybe a preloved Chanel reissue? Classic and understated enough for everyday use.
  3. I agree with a preloved Chanel Reissue!
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  4. The Chanel Reissue is a great idea.

    I also really like the Antigona in the small size for an everyday bag. I am considering one myself. I have no idea if it will last the test of time. But its been around a while and still going strong as far as I can see. It has such a unique shape and is stylish and functional at the same time. The handles don't fold down though but I think I could overlook that one thing. :smile:
  5. Id pick Givenchy Antigona. who knows if it will last forever but I know that right now they’re great practical bags. I reach for Givenchy bags way more than my Chanel bags, nor do I feel the need to carry Chanel bags to the gym or grocery to justify their place in my wardrobe.
    I would not get a woc, it’s soo small and overpriced for essentially a wallet, if you’re after something preloved from Chanel, take your time and look for it properly, which may or may not occur just in time for your bday.
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  6. Just adding another one into the mix...a co-worker of mine has a medium sized Celine belt bag (not sure if it's the micro or the mini size). Hers is black but the dark green (Amazone) is also attractive. It's elegant and understated and goes with outfits from casual to all but very dressy. She's had it for a while and it's held up very well. I am not normally a huge Celine fan (don't even like the luggage bag) but admire this style.
  7. Have you considered getting bag organizers for the speedy and neverfull? I've found that my samorga organizer helps with the structure of my speedy and organized my large goyard tote.
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  8. The reissue is on my current wish list, but I am a little wary about the chain because I wear my bags for long periods of time and right now I use my boy bag which has a leather portion on its strap for comfort, similar to your bloomsbury. If you want something for everyday to replace your bloomsbury, what about a Hermes Evelyne? It's similar in style and yet a little different, and it seems to be a popular h bag.
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  9. When was the Siena ever made in mono? I’ve o my ever seen it in DE. I have the Siena MM in DE and love love love it!
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    Well, my idea is to purchase a couple of bag organizers so you can actually make use of the LV's you have now. A quilt organizer will get rid of the slouchiness of the Speedy and one will make finding things in your NF a breeze.