My Birthday Goodies!!!!!


Finally: My HG bag!!
Sep 11, 2006
T.O. Canada
Last Sunday was my birthday and I went to the outlets in Buffalo, NY to do some shopping.

My mom got me a Factory bag (Signature LG E/W Soft Duffle-in khaki/plum) but it totally suits my lifestyle (I have 3 kids) and I decided to buy the matching wristlet (Signature Soft Duffle Wristlet) for myself.

I was so close in getting a 4x7 sized daytimer but I couldn't justify spending $50 on a daytimer that small and I could buy a larger one for a cheaper price. I'll only need daytimer for work (which I am currently not in b/c of my year long maternity leave which I'll be going back to at the end of November).

I actually wasn't too fazed of what they had at the outlets. I had a wishlist of what I was going to get, but they weren't there nor were some of the items there in my price range. So luckily for me, I saved some money by not spending all of it at the COACH outlet. I was able to spend it at other stores and get some clothes for my kids.

My brother was also nice enough to buy me the 3 lipglosses from Walden Galleria. He had a miserable look on his face that he was spending $66 on all 3 of the lipglosses but sucked it up b/c I told him that the COACH boutiques in the Toronto area don't carry them. I was thinking of getting the Legacy lipgloss, but I just couldn't justify spending $58 on that when $66 was spent on 3 tubes of lipglosses.

Here are some pictures of my purchases:
Here's a modelling pic. The bag looks huge on my tiny frame but I love the large size. Sorry about the dirty mirror.

The bag & wristlet, side by side:

The lipglosses in Heather, Hibiscus & Gardenia + my lipglosses from B&BW:


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
New England
Happy birthday!!!!!! Congrats on all your goodies! I love the purple trim on your bag and wristlet. The Coach lipglosses are amazing. You'll love them! Your BBW glosses look yummy too. I've never seen that CO bigelow gloss in stick form. What is it? It looks super yummy!


Dec 27, 2006
Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great day! I LOVE your bag and the lipglosses are wonderful!

ENJOY! :okay:


May 24, 2008
It is gorgeous!!!!!! I am CRAZY about the leather plum trim on bags, I am in LOVE with my slim sig Carly with leather plum trim. It is just to die for in my opinion.

I'd never spend 58 dollars on that little lipgloss thing either. The charm is very cute but I think 58 is pretty steep.
Jul 25, 2007
Wow thats an outlet bag?! Its adorable! Congrats on all of your goodies, and happy belated birthday!!