My Birthday Came Early This Year!

  1. Well, the onslaught begins (I am indulging in some retail therapy to ease into the big 3-0 next weekend) and I must say, I may be late to the Rouge Vif Parade but I am in LOVE!:love: :love: :love:
    100_2306.jpg 100_2307.jpg
  2. Happy Early Birthday (30 isn't SO BAD!!) and congrats on a stunning bag!
  3. beautiful strawberrrrry red :love:

    and happy early birthday!!! :party:
  4. Beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Congrats and happy early birthday!!!:yahoo: Your bag is beautiful!!! It looks like a ripe strawberry red--wow!!!! It stunning! Woohooo!:heart:
  6. awesome!!! woo hoo!!! you're NEVER to late to jump on to the ROUGE VIF bus... your b-bag is just so YUMMY! congrats!
  7. Congrats, she's beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  8. She's gorgeous!!! Congratulations and happy birthday in advance!
  9. i think we should proclaim this rouge vif week and everyone gets the week off. everyone's (incl yours truly) getting their rouge vifs and they are all SOOO BEAUTIFUL! this is such a hot bag right happy for you, congratulations!!
  10. wow, that is one gorgeous bag...major congrats and have a great birthday!
  11. HB!!! enjoy your new roug vif, style!:heart:
  12. beautiful! congrats!
  13. Happy Birthday!! What a great present to yourself!! Congrats!
  14. HAPPY BDAY! I got my Rouge today too.This color is killah!
  15. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!