My Birkin...

  1. Hi everyone

    this is my first post on here, coz in the past I've only been able to sit here and read and drool over the fab hermes bags you all have...
    But finally, i have my own...and its beautiful.

    Here are some pics to share with everyone.
    However, I"m not sure what leather this is. Would someone be able to tell me?

    I bought this in Japan while I was on my honeymoon. It bought it from one of reseller shops. It was made in 1997, stamped with A, but the condition of the bag is brand new. Hardly used at all. It's my little baby...
  2. Oops..forgot the pics..:wlae:
    2.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg
  3. It's beautiful, congrats! It looks brand new to me!

    What colour is it?
  4. The leather looks like epsom with gold hardware ... but the padlock looks like in PH? not so sure about that

    Anyway, nice bright colour though congratsss :smile:
  5. I think its Juane..
    the hardware is gold, just in one of the pics i think its come out looking platinum.
  6. Beautiful and welcome to tPF.
  7. wow, congrats on the bag and the husband. :yes:
  8. aDiorables, it's Courchevel! And it's a stunnning piece! No wonder you're so excited. Courchevel, as far as I know, is not used on the newer bags so you have a real treasure here that a lot of people would love to own.


    BirKineSS, the gold padlock on all the pieces I've ever seen was always lighter than the regular bag hardware. It can look like palladium when turned in a certain light.
  9. ^^ISUS - you are such a wealth of knowledge! :tup:

    Beautiful, unique bag - congrats and welcome aDiorables!!
  10. Thanks...:yahoo:
    The lady told me that the bag was unique because Hermes has stopped making it in this leather..
  11. Wow!! Congrats!!
  12. Lovely!
  13. aDiorables - what a gorgeous bag. And so special that you got it on your honeymoon. Wishing you many many happy years of marriage and as many gorgeous H bags. Congratlulations. :yahoo:

    Isus - how could you tell it's couchevel? By the date or you can tell by looking? I can't tell epsom and courchevel apart. I just know that courchevel is not used on bags now, but epsom is.
  14. Fantastic bag! Congratulations -- what a great honeymoon souveigneer!
  15. She's a beauty, congrats!! Very hard to find color, in addition to being Courcheval!