My Birkin Took Over Political Rally!

  1. Without naming names, I attended several large political functions and at the first one 3 ladies stopped me and asked if they could photograph my Birkin, touch it, hold it and get the was so funny! Then, once I was seated a man came over and said that he admired my Hermes and how it shows what great taste I now my 40 was getting a big head so I was hoping the attention would stop but nooooooo!! At one of the events I would have to leave my bag with staffers for a photo op but the stylish young lady assured me she knew how to treat a Birkin!
    Just wanted to share with you how sometimes a Birkin can distract from the candidate!
  2. Fun!!!
  3. That's awesome!!
  4. You are kind and have great nerves! I would never hand my purse over to a complete stranger, regardless of how nice they would ask!
  5. what a fun story...I'd be hesitant to hand my bag over were a good sport..
  6. Amazing Coldplaylover! As long as you got to take your birkin home safely afterward.
  7. coldplaylover, what a fun story, you handled that well. :smile:
  8. What a fun story, CL!:tup: Thank you for sharing!
  9. How fun is that? :tup:
  10. Great story!! I would have been so afraid to bring her around all those people. I just need to get over that. Thanks for sharing.
  11. when they asked to touch and hold it did you let them???
  12. that is funny
  13. oh how funny!
  14. With That Beautiful Birkin....Of Course You Couldn't Keep Them Away;)
  15. CPL: That's so cool! Well, it's (ahem) ... an Hermes Birkin after all!