My Birkin is here! <3

  1. I got my birkin yesterday in the mail-and I'm very excited! I did have the wonderful ladies here authenticate it for me before I bought it, but I just want to make sure there hasn't been a switch. Also, what type of leather is this? TIA!
    DSCN2478.jpg DSCN2485.jpg DSCN2479.jpg DSCN2482.jpg DSCN2487.jpg
  2. Beautiful congratulations!! I think it´s chevre.
  3. A very fuzzy action pic-I'll definitely post better ones later.
  4. Beautiful!!!

    I'm guessing vachette graines ardennes?

    Action shots please!
  5. ^^ you beat me to it!!

    Looks great!
  6. oh btw, this bag is very slouchy. It won't stand on its own without stuffing.
  7. picture of slouchiness
  8. Congratulations Feifei! That's a beautiful color & hw combination!
  9. So beautiful! Congrats!
  10. Oh the modeling pic! It´s so fabulous on you!!
  11. it's absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  12. lots of slouch! lovely!!!
  13. Gold w/Gold:drool: Your bag is so beautiful feifei87!
  14. Hmmm, slouchy, could that be swift? Texture doesn't look right for swift... I'm not sure! But it's lovely!
  15. The color is just STUNNING!!!:heart: Enjoy your new bag in the best of health! It looks wonderful on you!:flowers: