My best friend's brother needs kind thoughts right now.

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    My bf's brother was involved in a horrible accident this afternoon- he was driving a loaded logging truck, when a van hit him from behind at full speed. He got out of the truck to see what hit him, and saw that the driver of the van was killed on impact. There were children in the car injured, which is what has him in such despair right now. That and he thinks he "took" their dad form them. He does not know that they too died from their injuries. Apparently one person in the car survived according to my friend's father.

    We all need to be more attentive when we drive.
  2. OMG, sorry to hear! That's terrible, but your bf's bro has to understand that it wasn't his fault. :sad:

    I completely agree with you about paying attention to the road when driving. It only takes a few seconds to make a fatal mistake.
  3. Although it wasn't his fault, this must be traumatic for him. Sending healing thoughts his way and to the family in the van.
  4. On the Myrtle Beach tv station this morning they had some video and really, I don't know how anyone could survive this accident. It's obvious your friend's brother was not at fault, but just to be involved in something so deadly must affect him deeply. Please pass on my sympathy and best wishes.

    It only takes a second of distraction for something tragic to happen.
  5. That's terrible. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.
  6. I'm sorry to hear such bad news! My prayers are with you and your friends family!
  7. omg, that's so sad... :sad:
    *sends kind thoughts*

  8. Thanks you guys!

    BF's bro is still in shock. He broke the rear window out with his head when it snapped backwards with the impact--and he was loaded with 36000 lbs of trees. He called my friend today to ask what she knew. She did not tell him about the two kids, but we feel sure he knows.

    The news tonight was at the scene again--but the way they described what happened, which was very vague, isn't what bro said-- which is very odd.

    He's scared to drive. He is the kind of guy who would have jumped right in the middle to start helping people. BF and I used to work for EMS, so we have pretty much seen it all, neither she or I can imagine what he saw to render him helpless and he hasn't said. I hope he can't remember.