My BEST BUY so far this year!!

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  1. LOOKY what I won on eBay tonight!!!


    I got this in the Dusty Rose color that I have been looking for FOREVER!!

    And the best part?? I bought it for $32.39!!! Sure, it may be used, but I know how to clean up Coach Bags REALLY well!

    I am soo EXCITED!!
  2. Congrats!!! Wow, that's a very pretty rose pink! It looks like it's in great condition even though it's used. You did get it for an awesome purchase price!!!
  3. CONGRATS!!!! That is a great deal!!!:tup: WOO HOO!!!!! Love the dusty rose color!:nuts:
  4. Dont I KNOW It! I am sooo excited especially since I was bummed out on a previous auction that had a BIN or best offer for this same purse and the lady wouldn't sell it for less than 140....ha ha ha...

    But seriously, this color is SOOO hard to find in the signature collection!
  5. pretty color. Congrats on getting it for such a great price.
  6. Whoa! Great find!!!!!!! :nuts:
  7. Thank you! I only wish the same FANTASTIC deals for everyone who loves Coach!
  8. Congratulations!! If I remember your collection correctly...I would say she is a perfect fit for your family!!!:heart:
  9. Yes, she will fit RIGHT in with the rest of my signature collection :smile: ha ha ha...
  10. I have that bag in blue and I love it. I wish I was lucky enough to have scored such an amazing deal like you.
  11. Congrats to you! I am getting into these duffles and I LOVE them!!!!
  12. awesome find :smile:
  13. Ok, now I want one of these! Does anyone know the style #? Pretty please!
  14. Great find!
  15. Wow what a great find! I have this bag and I love her! But the suede is really dirty. Can you let me know how the clean up process goes and how you did it?