My Beautiful New Ali Deserves Her Own Place 2 Show Off!!! Come Show Her Love ;)

  1. Here she is my beautiful new Ali i love her sosososoos much i officially have got every bag i want for now and i couldnt be happier

    i searched high and low for her, none of the macys in brooklyn or queens or even the closest in jersey, none had her
    but herald square did so i had her held (cause there were only 2 others) and picked her up this morning!

    I had a blast there, my friend got a bunch of cute clothes, i broke her out of her shell in to some very cute sexy trendy stuff i was so proud! :smile:

    ALSO being the amazing friend she is she opened a macys card so that i could use her % off and the 20% off for the F and F sooo i got a total of 36% off her i was SO happy!!!:smile:

    SO here she is and haha i hope you like the pictures :smile:


    OHH whats that?!?! stripes?! :smile:

    AHHHHH, AMAZING! haha (sorry i woke up reallllly early and get a little button happy taking pics of the ALi haha)
  2. So beautiful!!!:heart:
  3. nice pics! that's such a classic bag!
  4. Awesome! Makes me want an Ali too! (but saving for an outlet trip, so gotta hold off)
  5. You're too cute:smile:
    Congratulations, she's a beauty!!! Love the Ali, hopefully someday...
  6. your pics are hilarious! congrats on your find!
  7. The Ali is gorgeous - your pics are hilarious!
  8. lmao love your pics!!! that is so funny!!!

    the ali looks gorgeous!!!
  9. Ooooohhh, I think her twin wants to come home with me!!! I REALLY want one of those and am kicking it around. Now seeing yours makes me really, really want it!! Thanks for all the pics!
  10. Yeah...she made it home and she is a beauty!
  11. Lol. Glad you got what you wanted. Looks great on you. :biggrin:
  12. I love the Black Ali! I have the same one too! :heart:
  13. Bessie, you crack me up. :roflmfao:
  14. You are so funny! Love the new bag!
  15. Bess, you're too much! LOL!:lol:
    Your new bag is GORGEOUS!