My beautiful new addition!!!

  1. I got this from an amazing TPFer. I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this bag. :yahoo:

    It is an original issue Grape hobo (2002). The leather is soooooooooo soft, the blue suede makes me drool, and I love that it is different from all of my other bags. It's bigger than a Stella but not bulky at all.
    grapehobo3.JPG grapehobo1.JPG grapehobo2.JPG
  2. I am so jealous! That grape color is stunning! :drool: Congrats!!
  3. Gorgeous! Love that color!
  4. Gorgeous! I love the original buckle hardware! Enjoy it!
  5. Dawn you go girl!!!! That is fab! Post a modeling pic! That interior is TDF!!! Congrats!!!! You must be so excited!! Good for you..and happy for ya!!! :yahoo:
  6. Wow congratultions.
  7. Congrats Dawn!! That grape is a fabulous color!!
  8. its beautiful!
  9. Beautiful bag!

    OT- C1976 is that a doxie in your avatar
  10. Love it love it love it! Congrats!!
  11. gorgeous bag! the color is just delicious!
  12. OMG it's BEAUTIFUL! That original grape color is just so chic. I would love to see it IRL someday... I actually just bought this same bag in Vermillion with the light pink interior (spring '03 i think?) and I love it so much! The leather is so floaty and soft. It's lined with suede but actually lighter than my newer canvas-lined stella! Amazing. We should start a "vintage" mj thread! :p
  13. I can see why you love the blue suede lining! :drool::drool:
  14. wow that is so pretty! i love the blue lining as well! :smile:
  15. sigh!:tender: