My Beagle Got Attacked by Another Dog Today

  1. My beagle, Darwin, got attacked by another dog today. He's okay-THANK GOODNESS. My Mom was walking him right after work, and as she turned the corner with him a rottie lunged at him and clamped down on his ear (the rottie was leashed-she got away from her owner when she saw Darwin).

    Luckily, I just happened to be pulling up in my car as they broke the dogs up, so I threw Darwin in the car and rushed him to our vet (our vets & their staff at Banfield are ridiculously nice).

    He's okay. His ear has two punctures in it & the punctures still bleeding quite a bit. The vet cleaned his wounds, and wiped my poor little guy's ear down with antibacterial stuff.

    Right now, he's having a little doggie ice cream. I gave him tons of treats and hugs and kisses because he's such a brave little beagle, and I let him sit on my lap as I drove home because he was whimpering.

    My poor goofy beaglebutt, I'm so glad he's okay!

    Look at his sweet little face, I'd be crushed if anything happened to him!

  2. I'm so glad your dog is going to be okay, what an awful thing to happen. Poor little guy he probably got the shock of his life. I guess you'll have to baby him all weekend..

    I wish some pet owners would take more responsiblity for their dogs. If you know your dog has a tendency to be vicious around other dogs then put a muzzle on him when you take him out in public. Not only for the safety of others, but for the sake of the dog who could otherwise end up in quarantine or worse yet being euthanized.
    Did the owner of the other dog apologize?
  3. ^Seriously.

    I won't take my dogs out to Petsmart anymore if they aren't in their stroller b/c the last time I did, I was walking them down an aisle and all of the sudden,a 10 year old kid who was trying to walk a 90 lb dog WHILE THE KID WAS ON THOSE ROLLER SKATE SHOES came down the aisle!!!!

    The dog lunged over to my dogs. Luckily, I was with my sister so we were able to pick them up quickly.

    The kid's mom came around the corner and I was like "You need to learn how to control your maybe not let your kid walk it when hes on roller skates!!"

    LOL I will never forget the look on her face...pure shock!! LOL

    **I am soooooooo glad your dog is OK Jillybean!
  4. What is up with these dogs attacking other dogs!!! POOR DARWIN!!! But we are glad to hear he is going to be okay. Tons of TLC... I know, I am a bigger dog owner, and I don't trust them with other dogs so I keep a very tight leash. If other dogs/owners approach, I have to kindly hold my dog's head and warn the other party. You just never know.
  5. poor doggy! i'm glad to hear he is okay though.
  6. I'm so glad he's gonna be ok! I have a beagle too
  7. What a brave little guy!
  8. Oh what a beautiful little puppy!!! THANK GOODNESS he is okay!!!!! What a lil sweetie!!!!

    My second doggie is going to be a beagle...I hope he's a sweetie like yours!
  9. I'm so sorry about your doggie getting attacked by another dog. I'm glad he's ok!!
  10. Thanks all! He seems sort of worn out tonight, but we're spoiling him like crazy with table scraps. I normally don't do that at all, but tonight he totally deserves it!
  11. OMG..I felt so bad after u texted me about this!POOR BABY!

    Give him lots of hugs and treats for me!!!
  12. Oh that's just terrible (& scary)! I'm so happy that your ADORABLE little Darwin is okay! Poor little guy! :sad: Give him a big hug from me!:idea: :heart:
  13. AWWW!!!! i AM GLAD HE'S OKAY!!!

    What a sweeet face he has!!!
  14. oh, poor baby!

    my baby is only half beagle, but i know how great beagles are (and how easily they can get you to spoil them, lol).

    (btw, ruby is on my lap right now and she sat up when she saw that pic of darwin, lol. i think she spies something she likes, hehe.)
  15. That's terrible. I'd lounge @ it's owner.... Glad to hear you cutie beagle is doing well. They just love to be loved, don't they???