My Baked Potato is HOT!!!

  1. Hey Here is my HOT Baked POTATO... Its great when you put stuff in it. when its empty its kinda blah if you are planning on getting one keep that in mind. :love::love:
    Sorry its kinda blurry its really to dark tonight to take FAB photos :crybaby:
  2. looks fab!! congrats!! and i love ur scarf!
  3. pretty! congrats
  4. Thanks for sharing pics, it looks hot!!:heart:
  5. its soooo cute...congrats! :yes:
  6. Finally, a modeling pix! It looks great on you..! :yes: Love it. You can totally dress up or down with this bag. I thought it would be hard to match. But you carry it so well! :love:
  7. LOL...your baked potato is sizzlin!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
  8. I love the title of your thread!!!

    Your bag looks so cute!
  9. Love the modeling pic! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Sizzlin' HOT! Congrats!
  11. it looks great on you! thanks for sharing your pictures. :smile:
  12. looks great on you! thanks for the modeling pics! you're the first official MIROIR MODEL!!
  13. WOW! that's really HOT!
    Thanks for sharing your pics!
    Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Your baked potato is HOT!!!
  15. Congrats. Thanks for modeling for us. It's a really HOT bag!!