My bag stinks!

  1. literally! i received a bag that reeks of cigarettes and some kind of fragrance (probably used to mask the smell, like febreeze). it's so strong it stunk up my car (i had to open the windows) and i could smell it even if i put stuff in the bag and carried it. the seller says she doesn't smoke (the auction described the bag as coming from a non-smoking house) and that perhaps she used the bag around people who smoked (which makes no sense). the seller seems nice and otherwise trustworthy -- what should i do? i've tried a dryer sheet, airing out the lining -- nothing is working. i am thinking of sending it back to her because if i can't stand to use it because of the smell, i couldn't in good conscience sell it to someone else.
  2. I find that if you leave bags out, open and loosely covered by a single layer of tissue paper (to collect any dust), for a week, or so, that cigarette smell gradually fades away of its own accord.

    Some other members have also recommended baking soda (I think?) and various other, ingenious, solutions. :biggrin:

    Hopefully they will be able to answer you, soon. :tup:
  3. Have you approached the seller about returning it?

    If she's reasonable, she may give you a refund for return of the bag. Then again, if she's maintaining that she's a non smoker and the bag came from a non-smoking house, she may not be amenable to this.

    If you don't have the heart to fight it (as, say, SNAD) perhaps you could try Chloehandbag's suggestions and see if the smell fades.
  4. If the lining is it up and Febreeze it over and over...may take a day or two. My mother is a smoker and I borrowed a Kate Spade bag from her and it stunk...this did the trick because odds are the smell is coming from the inside.
  5. Sorry this happened to you. This happened to my sister, her daughter kept complaining about the smell so she returned it to the seller.

    You are probably never going to be completely happy with this bag, contact seller and return it.

    Good luck
  6. I would definitely return it. It is not your problem to get the smelll out of a bag. It is on the seller to acurately describe her product. If it stinks that bad there in no way she wouldn't have noticed it. Send her a very polite e-mail telling her you would like to return it for a refund. If she is a good seller she will give you one.
  7. Absolutely! ESPECIALLY if she claims to be a non-smoker. I don't smoke and the smell just irritates the *crap* out of me I could smell it a mile away. That strong of an odor is something you notice. Good luck!!!
  8. thanks guys! the smell is definitely coming out of the fabric. the problem with febreeze is it already smells like she tried it -- what's worse than the smell of cigarettes is the perfumy smell of something to cover up the cigarettes. i have contacted the seller -- let's see what she says...
  9. You can keep it and try a method to get rid of the smell or return luckily have both options.

  10. Yes, ITA that kicks is entitled to a refund, if she wants one. :yes:

    It's just that, in my experience (as a non-smoker), even very strong smoke smells disappear, given long enough, so I think it would be a shame (assuming kicks wants to keep the bag), if she felt she had no choice but to return it.

    kicks, maybe ask for a partial refund, to compensate for the trouble and inconvenience you've had to go to? :idea:

    You could explain that you would not have been prepared to pay the price you did, even if you had been prepared to buy it at all (which is unlikely), had you been told the truth about its odour.
  11. The most successful remedies I've heard are airing the bag outside on nice sunny days and putting it upside down on one of the air ionizers (if that makes sense). I've also heard people say that they actually wash alcantara linings of LV bags, after pulling them up out of the bag.
  12. thanks for the advice and support guys! since the seller is ignoring me (and i have been very very nice and calm, really asking for her help and threatening her), i doubt she would agree to a partial refund. i think this is an all or nothing situation. even though i dread the hassle, i am going to try the patpal resolution process and as some of you pointed out, worst case scenario i am stuck with a smelly bag. in the meantime i will try the other suggestions for getting the smell out but i am not hopeful -- everything i have done so far hasn't lessened the smell one bit.
  13. my faith in eBay and honest sellers is restored! she has refunded my money (even though i offered to return the bag first)! i am so relieved! one question: paypal indicates the refund as "pending" -- what does that mean? and does the refund go directly to my credit card or does it stay in my paypal account?
  14. Congrats! I still have a little faith in eBay and PayPal, as well. I'm happy to hear it worked out for you.