My B-Day Present!

  1. From my DH. I am so happy!!! I thought he forgat about it because he leaves early in the morning and he didn't say anything. And then when I was going downstairs I found this:love: :
  2. How wonderful!! What a sweet, thoughtful DH you have. :heart: Your new H treats are lovely and your house is magnificent! Enjoy your birthday! :flowers:
  3. Oh, that is just so sweet. What a great DH! Love your pressies and

    Happy Birthday!!!!:heart: :heart:
  4. OMG that is just the sweetest thing ever! Happy Birthday, what a wonderful way to celebrate! And I love your new bracelet and scarf. GORGOEUS!
  5. Wow, what a sweetie he is.

    Great gifts.

  6. OMG!!! I think I am going to cry! That is so sweet of your DH!:love: Happy Birthday! Enjoy your gorgeous goodies!
  7. oh how bday is coming up, maybe i need to show this thread to DH! LOL

    lovely scarf and bangle!
  8. How sweet. Happy Birthday.
  9. OH, that is the BEST!!!! Your DH is so sweet!!! :heart:
    I love that scarf, the color is beautiful. The bracelet, too. What a great score!

    Those roses are huge!. How pretty they are!

    Wear your new goodies in good health and have a happy happy birthday!

  10. You made me cry! That is so sweet!!! Best wishes for a fantastic birthday!

    :yahoo: Happy Birthday!! :yahoo:

    Did the darling young person in the back HELP HIM, too!!:heart:
  12. OMG How sweet!! I love the scarf, bracelet and the roses!! Everything is just perfect what a perfect DH you have!!!

    Happy birthday:smile:
  13. Gorgeous gifts!
    Amazing presentation
    WONDERFUL DH and you have a lovely home, too!
    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Happy Birthday - what a sweet husband!
  15. ^^^Thanks ladies!!! I do have the best husband:yes: !!!