My aunt is coming to visit from Edmonton...

  1. in November and asked me to write down any LV products I want her to bring me so that I can save 7%! :nuts: :yahoo:

    Hmm, what to buy, what to buy! I have about a month and a half to save up and decide! :devil:
  2. lol.. your aunt is uber cool! lol.. for the next month and a half, i would be stalking the Vuitton site and visiting the store.. ALOT!!!
  3. lol think your heart out! lol there's a LOT of stuff now!
  4. Man, I need relatives out there too ! That's so sweet of your aunt ! :yes:
  5. I have bought all my LV's in Edmonton and yes, it's small (I was there two weeks ago and it has not expanded). Since I fly in once a month I phone ahead and check if there is something specific I am looking for. The SA's are all quite helpful.

    I called today and they are almost completely sold out of the Groom items and I got the last Groom agenda in blue. Like addictedtolv said, if you want something specific, ask them to order it for you in advance.
  6. I just emailed my aunt asking for the red epi pochette! :nuts:
  7. Yeah, the counter has been the same size for years as far as I can tell. I agree, they keep the staples in stock, but once you decide, call them to make sure it's around for you.

    If it doens't get here on time, feel free to PM me. I live in the city so we always only pay 6% GST, so I'd be happy to ship it out to you as long as you can cover the shipping. Have fun - the tax savings does add up!
  8. Do you know if they still have the Mandarin speedy 25 or Mandarin Bucket pm in Edmonton? :nuts:
  9. The LV at Banff is sooo beautiful. I used to always walk by there when I went to Banff with my friends and family but was not into LV yet at that time. This winter, for my boyfriend & my 2nd year, he's taking me to Banff for a day out and we're gonna go inside :yahoo:

    arnott: can you check store stock by calling 866?

  10. Is that a free #?:shrugs:

  11. Got this email back from her today:

    Hi Ginger, nice chatting with you. I am not sure when I will be going but will let you know so we do not purchase duplicate purses. This one is pretty cute.

    When I do go I will make sure I look for those details that you mentioned. Have a great day.

  12. that's awfully nice of her!
  13. Oh im so happy for you.. cant wait to see what she'll get you :smile:
  14. I love the edmonton Louis vuitton it maybe small but the ladys there are so nice. There expanding in January 2007.
  15. Your the one tht bought the last blue groom i went to buy it and it was gone.