my all time favorite moist Chocolate Fudge Cake

  1. This is one of my all time favorite Moist Chocolate Fudge cake :yes:

    here's the recipe...........

    50 gm cocoa powder (dutch process)
    3/4 tsp instant coffee powder (i used Nescafe)
    1/2 tsp coffee esen/extract
    1/2 tsp chocolate paste (optional)
    350 ml cold water

    Mix all above ingredients together then sieve into a jug,keep in refrigerator till needed

    300 gm Cake flour
    1 1/2 tsp b.powder
    3/4 tsp bikarbonat soda

    mix all together and sieve

    200 gm butter,room temperature
    350 gm fine/castor sugar
    1/2 tsp glycerine (optional)
    5 medium eggs,room temperature

    Preheat oven to 180'c,line and grease a 9 1/2 inch square tin or 2 9' inch round tins.
    Cream butter,sugar and glycerine(if use) till light and fluffy,
    add in 1 egg at the time and mix well.
    Fold in the sieved flour alternatively with the cooled cocoa mixture and stir till well mix.
    Pour the batter in prepared tin and bake at preheated oven(middle rack) for about 30-35 minutes or till cooked.
    Transfer cake into wire rack and cool completly before frosting.

    Chocolate Fudge

    160 gm fine sugar
    45 gm Corn flour
    30 gm cocoa powder (dutch process)
    1/4 tsp salt
    1 tsp instant coffee (i used Nescafe)
    2 egg yolk
    125 ml cold water
    250 ml Full Cream Evapotated milk
    50 gm butter

    Mix all above ingredients together except butter and sieve into a double boiler pot,cook the mixture till thicken (stirring all the times),off heat and stir in the butter.
    Set the choclate fudge topping aside for about 10 minutes before frost the cake.

    Notes:i only spread a thin layer chocolate fudge on cake,you can also cut the cake into 2 layers and sandwich them with the chocolate fudge.

    moist chocolate cake 1.jpg Moist chocolate cake.jpg Picture 037.jpg
  2. I :heart: chocolate cake. Thanks for the recipe, I'll have to give it a try when I'm in the mood for baking.
  3. Looks Delicious. Thanks for the recipe!
  4. Yum...that looks so...good!!
  5. i'm seriously drooling for come choco cake... will have to try this recipe someday. thanks for sharing!
  6. looks soo heavenly!!
  7. wow! your cake looks so perfect!! Mine end up looking like a 6 year old made them. I'll have to try this recipe. mmm
  8. I have been searching for the perfect choc cake recipe for years. Thanks for this. My maid baked this today and it was heavenly!!!!! there goes the diet.
  9. Why do you add glycerine? What's its purpose?
  10. Glycerine is a sweet,colourless and odourless syrupy liquid. It is added to some types of confectionery to retain moisture and to royal icing to prevent excessive hardening.
  11. Oh I see, thank you for the info.
  12. i made this chocolate cake again this morning......:P

  13. oh my god. i want some .... wahts seiving?? i cant cook at all
  14. MMMmmmm its cold today so i think ill bake! thanx for the recipe!!
  15. made this Devil's food cake yesterday.....:P