My addictions......

  1. Here are a few pic. of my purse closet. I am too lazy to pose them :shame:

  2. The Red epi speedy is beautiful. You have a wonderful collection!
  3. ooooo so lovely! what size ribera is that? mini or mm?
  4. Love the birkin! I can't tell from the pic, is that the cognac? Looks a bit darker.
  5. Thanks girls :smile:

    The ribera is a mini. I really love this bag because its such a unique and sexy shape.
    The Birkin is actually gold. The color is lighter in person compare to the picture. I was too lazy to take the bags out of the closet so the pictures came out darkish.
  6. OMG!!! STUNNING!!! There is NOT ONE bag in your collection I don't LOVE!!!:love:
  7. What a lovely collection! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  8. Looove your collection ! I really like the large grey Chanel, and what is the little boxy bronze Chanel called ? It's super cute ! And the purple Balenciaga is to die for !
  9. You have a fabulous collection! Thanks for letting us take a peak.
  10. Wow - awesome collection. I like so many...Birkin, suhali, balenciaga....:love: :love: :love:
  11. wow!!
    love your bottega veneta's and your birkin and the red epi speedy!!
  12. great collection
  13. Wow, beautiful :love:
  14. Pretty! Love the grey and black chanel and the birkin bag and the balenciagas and the red epi speedy and the cambon chanel and the black suhali......let's just say i love them all! lol
  15. Amazing collection!!!
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