my account got suspended!!! HELP!!!!

  1. This is the message I received today out of nowhere !!

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana] We regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended because it violates the site policy outlined in the User Agreement:

    eBay's services are not available to members who are currently suspended.

    Our records indicate that your account is associated with the following suspended account:


    eBay does not permit suspended users to register with eBay or use eBay's services under any name. eBay may extend this prohibition to accounts or user names associated with the suspended user.

    Due to the suspension of this account, you are prohibited from using eBay in any way including registering a new account. Please note that any seller fees due to eBay will immediately become due and payable. eBay will charge any amounts you have not previously disputed to the billing method currently on file.

    I had a few items I sold and didnt receive payment for!!! AHHHH I NEEDED THA TMONEY! has this happened to anyone before?? Were you able to get it reinstated??? I am freaking out!

  2. Were you asked to provide any personal details ( bank account, birth date etc) in this email ? If so, it could be a scam. I've never had an email exactly the same as the one you pasted above, but I have had similarly distressing messages telling me my account was suspended for no good reason and asking for bank acc & credit card info.

    If you genuinely can't think of a reason why you got an email like this, you should contact eBay immediately and ask for an explanation - the Live Help system would probably the best way forward ( if this is a scam they'll be able to confirm that).
    In the meantime, if you have been asked to pass on personal details, steer well clear !
  3. It was actually a message in my ebay account directly from paypal!! I can't sign in it just says "unregistered user" next to my feedback. The live chat isn't even ther eon my ebay, I am assuming since it is suspsended I am also suspended to use the link?? AHHH why is this happening especially right now!
  4. If your account is suspended, how do you know you got this message from ebay account, you wouldn't be able to login. Just go to -> Contact US and select "Suspended account" , then write an e-mail to ebay. I am sure you can also find a phone number. Be sure not to use any links from the e-mails you get.
  5. Have you had a previous account which was suspended?
    Live help is only on certain pages. The main page should have live help but many ebay pages do not have the live help button.
    Phone numbers are extremely hard to get for Ebay, unless you are a powerseller, they don't just hand out phone numbers for help.....but Paypal lets you have theirs when you ask questions and need to reach them... they will send you an email good for like an hour, which you use the number to call.
    SO SORRY, BUT I WOULD FREAK OUT along with you if this happened to me.
    Praying it will be resolved soon!
    maybe this is an identity problem!
  6. do you know the person you are being associated with "sugarcult86" I got linked with my co-worker and i had to prove to ebay I was me, I had to fax in my photo id, my address, phone, work info anything I could think of to prove to them I wasn't my co-worker she had got suspended for doing "bad" things on ebay and somehow they linked us together. It took them about 3 weeks to get it straight
  7. That's crazy! Ebay seems like "big brother"!
  8. I just read on another site the e-bay is cracking down like crazy on accounts and that there is some new software that was developed by some of their programmers so that they can see if you are using an e-mail or computer from a suspeded account. If you go to and read about e-bay suspension, you can read all about it. I guess this is an update over the last few days and they said a lot of people are going to be getting e-mails informing them that their account is suspended.
  9. I think this E-mail means that they think you had a previous account that was suspended. Let us know what happens.
  10. I've had this happened and it's NOT resolved. They linked me to another account which they claimed was suspended because of unpaid fees. HOWEVER, that account had nothing owing on it since nothing was ever put up for sale. When I asked them what was going on, they just referred me to a generic page about account suspension. Then I wrote back yet again and asked them to clarify properly rather than sending me to a generic page as I have absolutely nothing owing in the first place, they asked for my photo id and contact details to be faxed to them. It really is unbelievable and I cannot be bothered anymore with these people.
  11. In some ways it is a good thing...I see sellers who sell fake bags and then start selling under another name all the time. Unfortunately, there will probably be some innocents who get caught up in it as well.
  12. so I sent them an email asking to reinstate my other account that it was linked to. surprisingly a few days later they did. however the account that was linked to it is still suspended. I hope they can reinstate my current one fast.

    jmcadon, you are right. I guess they saw that I wasn't someone trying to scam people.. just someone who didn't deal with the disputes in the past.

    Thanks all!
  13. My daughter, who is another city, sells on Ebay too, and when she is home visiting she uses my laptop sometimes to check her account...
    My daughter was put on limits right after she got home.
    NO ONE USES MY COMPUTER NOW BUT ME and if I am at someone house and need to check my ebay I close all open windows, and make sure they are signed out completely before I get on so I am not suspsended.
    If my daughter comes home from college and she is FORCED for some reason to have to look at her account..I make sure I am signed out, close all windows, open a new window, put address in, and she can then sign in...if she doesn't do that...then problems start on being limited on selling for her....we now make every attempt to not touch each others laptop when she is I think the software sees alot from Ebay.
    Hope this helps.
  14. wow!
    I feel like lately ebay has really been cracking down on people. My friends account got suspended saying it was linked to her exbfs account, they haven't spoken to each other for years! She didn't evne know he had an ebay account.

    I will try to remember that when checking my ebay on other people's computers or when they are checking theirs on mine. I never want my account to be suspended again.. it was such a pain! especially since I still haven't gotten my money for the item I had sold. Thanks so much!!