My 5th LV purchase

  1. Hi, I need some advice on buying my next LV... I am completely stumped. I already have my Keepall 55, Bosphore GM, and my Pochette w/key chain.


  2. What size is of interest to you? Do you want a mono bag or something else? What have you been looking at? Are you a guy or a gal?
  3. well, I am a guy. I like the monogram collection, although it is the only one I've invested in.

    I guess I'm looking for a smaller piece, since both my bags are large and I don't use the pochette by itself.
  4. Hmm, how about a mono pochette bosphore?

    Or, a Damier Olav PM?
  5. You know that was my first idea but than I thought my Gucci looked almost identical and seemed to serve the same purpose(which defeats this one!)


    No not really but I do want another LV
  6. I think you need a wallet.
  7. I think it's time for you to look at the Damier line?
  8. I like the Damier Zippy wallets... A Wallet is practical and it is also something I need.

    thanks, I think my next purchase will be a wallet. :jammin:
  9. Something Bequia, for sure.
  10. Love the zippy wallets...go for it!
  11. yikes... I just found out that a zippy cost about as much as a Speedy or Neverfull, ouch

    I think I might just go for the wrapity case instead. I'll have to see what mom says:tender:
  12. I think my ultimate LV purchase would be a Bequia Leather Trotter MM in chocolate[​IMG]
  13. ^^^^^ Oooohhh.... definitely go for a Bequia Trotteur MM!!! :yes:
  14. How about a Cles??? Damier perhaps...
  15. Or how about a belt, watch, sunglasses, shoes, pen ...?