My 5th belated birthday present

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  1. This year I went a little crazy on buying gifts for myself. Turned 35 last month:biggrin: I have been wanting one of these type of bags since I saw the croc embossed maggies. My shoulder didn't like Maggie though and it kept falling off of it. This beauty was tucked behind a few other bags and I grabbed her extremely quick so I could see her up close and personal. I am a shoulder/tote bag girl. I thought my black legacy patent peyton was wow bag but this one takes the cake for wow. This one is one classy bag and will be perfect compliment to my fall outfits. Wasn't going to hit the outlet again this weekend but glad I did.

  2. congrats. ... she is a beauty :smile:
  3. Love It....Congrats
  4. Congrats, that is a beautiful bag! I saw 2 of them in the outlet today. Tried it on but a little too heavy for me! I have a small frame and I had trouble with my shoulder last year and am afraid to put too much weight on it. But if it wasn't for that she would have come home with me in a heartbeat!!

  5. Congrats!!! Happy late Birthday BTW
  6. Thanks ladies. I can see how it may be a tad heavy with that chainlink strap but that was a part of the the appeal of the bag for me. I guess if I get tired of the strap it's good I can remove it.
  7. Congratz on the new carryall! It's a pretty bag and happy belated birthday to you :biggrin:
  8. This is definitely a classy purse. Congrats on purchasing her and enjoy carrying her.
  9. Happy Birthday. Very nice bag.
  10. What an awesome birthday!!! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
    Congrats and enjoy!!!
  11. Happy belated birthday! Gorgeous bag!
  12. Oh my.... that is indeed gorgeous! :biggrin:
  13. very pretty!!! great bag,love the chain detail on the strap. great neutral color. happy birthday.
  14. Congrats! That is an amazing bag! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!
  15. I am a sucker for chain straps! It really makes this bag special!

    Gorgeous bag! I had the gray, but took it back cause it was still in the same gray family as my bone. I ordered the black from fp because I didn't want to chance my luck with the outlet. Congrats and enjoy! Happy belated birthday! :yahoo: