my 4 years old boy LV shoes collection

  1. I just can't wait for the kids clothing line :graucho:
    DSC00122.JPG DSC00123.JPG DSC00121.JPG
  2. Love them all, excellent taste !
  3. Those are adorable! I wish my mom started me off with LV when I was 4 :p
  4. Wow!!! Very nice... I wouldnt know how to react if I saw a child with such nice shoes...:cool:
  5. I got his first b4 her turned 3....LV is in my blood and I want to pass it on to my kids...
  6. how cute! i wish i had that nice of shoes when i was that age!
  7. oh they are just too cute!!!!!:cutesy: :heart:

    my 1-yr old daughter appreciate DORA shoes than LV!!!:lol:
  8. Really cute shoes :smile: Lucky there were no LV kids clothes when mine were small LOL
  9. Awww, your boy must be very well dressed! Does he know how special these shoes are?? He better! :p

    Every time I see kids shoes in LV, I wish I had children or nieces/nephews to buy them for :lol:
  10. oooh...the clothing line is not out yet(cant wait)...I think by next year or this winter so I'v been told by a SA in london
  11. Cuuute shoes!
  12. wish i had a kid to dress him up!!
  13. How cute, love the ivory pair, I would be too afraid they would get dirty though.
  14. Aww. Very nice. They actually do have kids RTW.
  15. awwww there sooo cute