My 3rd New Black City !!!! A keeper !!!!!!

  1. Hi Ladies !!!

    I've bought a new Black City : the Third since May !!!!
    Finally my lovely SA found my dream bag :love: with the perfect leather:drool: for me !!!
    (same as my Rouge Vif) !!!

    Here is pics of :
    - N°1 from SS06 : leather very thin so exchanged
    - N°2 (from F06) too distressed/veiny for my taste (almost grey) ...sold to fund an Ink :love: !!!

    and my perfect bag N°3 : F06 with amazing leather:supacool: !!!!!!!!!!
    (+pic of Rouge Vif to compare)

    I'm so happy:yahoo: !!!!!!!!
    City Black SS 06 copie.jpg City Black F06.jpg Copie de City Black 2 F06.jpg City Black 2 F06 2.jpg City Rouge Vif2 F06.jpg
  2. Congrats!
    I have a black city and i have been lucky enough to choose the perfect one!
  3. Very happy for you it looks yum, yum...!!! :drool: I'd like to get one some day but with pewter hardware.
  4. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Lucky you!!:smile: :smile: :smile:
  5. WOW!!! did you keep all 3 or just keep the F06?
    congrats on your finding :P
  6. This proves it still is possible to find leather as good as the pre 06 one if you are lucky enough. Congratulations!
  7. WOW :nuts: .... CONGRATS 'P' fromparis :flowers: . . . you've a great taste - your bags (the leathers) are AMAZING, so smooshy and soft . . . adorable :love: :yahoo: ! ENJOY your beautiful bags and thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :tender:
  8. You're new Black City looks just like the one I have. I ADORE mine. And the leather on mine is nothing like any of my 06 bags. I was told that its possible mine is 05 leather on an 06 bag. My leather is yummy and thick and smooth, just like the way your Rouge and black ones look. So happy you got the one you've been wanting!:yahoo:
  9. that does look like fabulous leather. Congrats! They are both lovely:love:
  10. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  11. Beatiful! Congrats!:yes:
  12. yay im so happy you finally found your bag!!
  13. Leather looks great! I can totally empathise with finding the "perfect" black city. No two bags are alike.
  14. Thanks Ladies for your nice words !!!
    It's amazing to see such different leathers in a single year !!!

    Sea : the first SS06 Black City was exchanged for a F06 (the 2nd) which has been sold through ebay to fund the Ink Purse ...
    so now the Third BC with yummy/thick leather is the only one left !!!
  15. Wow - congrats! Great to finally find "the one" after so many tries!