my 3 latest LV accessories - koala coin, epi pochette lilac and MC mirror!

  1. the koala coin case is the cutest thing ever. but i actually only use it for my work ID and my metrocard. there are 3 separate compartments which is great because if i kept those two together, they demagnatize one another. so now my problem is solved.

    epi pochette i bought before the MP closed. same for the MC mirror.

    i'll be updating my bag showcase with more later this week! 2 new suprises! wheeeeeeee! :biggrin:
    P50938.jpg P50941.jpg P50943.jpg P60005.jpg P60006.jpg P60009.jpg P60010.jpg P60011.jpg P60012.jpg P60014.jpg
  2. oops make that 3 more surprises!
  3. Love all of them!!! :love:
  4. i really like your koala wallet.
  5. I love them all! congratulations!
  6. CUTE!!!:heart:
  7. All 3 Are So Beautiful!!!
  8. I love the koala change purse. I saw it at LV but decided it was too small for my needs. Isn't the red interior gorgy?!?! I also LOVE your lilac pochette!!!
  9. Love your new purchases, enjoy!!!!
  10. thank you everybody!

    and yes i LOVE the red interior of the koala coin case.
  11. Cute purchases! I love the mirror, I always carry it with me :smile:
  12. I love all of them!:love: I want that koala coin case! I got to have one!!!
    Can't wait to find out what the three suprises are..!!!?? :smile:
    Congrats Fayden and enjoy your new cuties!!
  13. great new purchases! congrats!
  14. congrats fayden
    totally loving your epi pochette!!!!
  15. Oooo...they're all so cute. Congrats on your purchases.