My 3 bags arrived today-confusing!!

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  1. OK, within the last 24 hrs I've received my Marc by Marc Jacobs Hiller hobo, my Linea Pelle Dylan shoulder and my Linea Pelle zipper Tate. Despite having a miserable headcold I've spent the better part of 3 hours analyzing and trying on these purses. My original intent was to buy just one Fall bag (the Hillier), then I saw this forum and got hooked on LP.

    Here's pics of the 3, then some modeling shots which unfortunately came out very dark-they kind of all look the same. SOme have no stuffing inside so look rather flat while I think the Tate has stuffing in the bottom portion.

    #1 MBMJ Hillier in dirty martini


    #2 LP Dylan shoulder bag in dark olive


    #3 LP Zipper Tate tote in Olive (a little lighter color olive than the Dylan shoulder bag)


    Now for modeling pics:

    Hillier hobo which has short and long shoulder straps:


    LP Dylan shoulder:


    LP Tate: has short should strap and well as long crossbody:


    I've pretty made up my mind which one I'll keep....there's another I'm considering but I'd like to hear your thoughts before I go on any further. Thanks for looking:biggrin:
  2. All 3 look lovely on you, but I am partial to the last one because of the crossbody option. What feels the best on you?
  3. Oh boy, now you're making me fall in love with that olive shoulder bag, you all are killing me! LOL

    I think they all look fab but my favorite is the one mentioned above. :smile:

  4. For me, the decision is easy...I :heart: the LP Shoulder Bag.

    However, I can definitely see the appeal in having a bag with the long and short option. I also think that bags #1 (MJ) and #3 (Zipp) appear "dressier" than the LP Shouder Bag. It just depends on your style. I never like making these decisions...good luck!
  5. Oh WOW!! That last one, the one with the gold zippers, just POPS out!! I love everything about it... the contrast of the gold zippers with the warm olive leather, the different options of wearing it. It just adds something special to your outfit. That's my vote! :tup:
  6. My two cents...

    #1: The color has a fun name, but the bag isn't as interesting as the other two.
    #2: Great casual shoulder bag and it looks great on you! I seriously think I need this bag :smile:
    #3: The olive and gold is the most striking of the 3 bags. I'm wondering how it looks on your shoulder which would be my preferred way of carrying it. Do you have little ones? Then maybe crossbody is good...

    Of 2 and 3, I'd go with the one that feels best the way you'd carry it!
  7. And I'm looking forward to hearing which one you've chosen!
  8. Thanks for the feedback's nice to have someone to discuss our 'obsession' with....

    Everyone has their own opinions.......for me, the Dylan shoulder bag was absolutely the comfiest and looked like it 'belonged' the most on my shoulder. However, I found it REALLY difficult to access. Because the zipper runs in a concave line and given the squishiness of the leather, it was a pain to unzip. Plus, having just one strap, I'd have to put it down on a surface to grab the zipper and undo rather than let it dangle from one of 2 straps. It's a beautiful bag-sumptious leather, but there was something about the style that just felt too familar to me, like an old design I'd worn or seen before-almost too generic even though the edgy color updated it.

    The Tate....OMG....I LOVE that bag. It felt really different to me, not a rehash of a previous style I owned. I loved the zippers and the (limited) strings. It felt good both on my shoulder and the adjustable strap made it a great crossbody too. My 'little one' is in college but I still enjoy hands free shopping. The leather was soooo soft and the finishing seemed a little more dressy/polished than the rugged hobo style.

    I hate to disappoint the Olive lovers-I love that color too, but I started thinking how I would love a bag like Tate in black since it went with so many more things in my wardrobe- I think it's a classic slouchy bag and I'm not sure I could ever find another in black I love as much. The olive would be more appealing to me in a smaller bag. Soooooo.....the olive is being exchanged for the black-got it for the same price.

    I'm still deliberating on the MBMJ Hobo-it really is beautiful IRL and I've wanted this bag for so long-I got it on sale with the Bloomies F&F and am afraid I'll never get it for that price again and they'll phase out the dirty martini which is such a rich unique color. (How's that for rationalizing?)

    So, that's it-thanks for reading my blabberings. Lucky for me hubby is out of state on a business trip-if he notices a new purse(es) when he returns, I'll tell him it's from TJ Max:graucho:
  9. I agree with the color exchange. Black is always classic and let's not forget the silver hardware. :tup:
  10. :roflmfao: So funny.

    Thanks for sharing your observations. I'd say all three bags look amazing on you and I agree with switching from Olive to Black too. Also. I'd keep the MBMJ. ;)

    Congrats on all three!
  11. This is really good to know! I had a gorgeous Gerard Darel bag that I ended up selling on Ebay because it unzipped like this. The zipper was so stiff compared to the squishiness of the leather and the way the zipper ran I'd have to hold one side out and then zip and unzip. It drove me nuts, I ended up leaving it unzipped all the time which isn't good either.

    Otherwise, I really love the style of the bag and how it looks on, but this is good to know ahead of time.

  12. Glad I can help. It's little tidbts like this you don't realize until you actually have the bag in your hands....or unless someone fills you in. I find the Tate much easier to access because the zipper runs straight across and there's 2 straps. Of course, my favorite closure is the magnetic kind like my Hillier hobo, but the Linnea Pelle tote styles seem to call for zippers.
  13. #3 is definitely my favorite!

    I wish there was more light so i could see it a bit better.

    thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  14. I agree about the magnet, I have one on my MBMJ Faridah and it's so easy! But yeah, the LP bags call for zippers.

  15. JLJRN - thanks so much for posting your thought process on these bags. We all go through this and its fun to read how someone else arrived at their decision! I think the black with the gold zippers is very eye-catching and will go with everything!