My 2nd reissue...keep the 226 or wait for 227?


    Hi all....I have actually set my heart on a 227 metallic black after I did this poll (see my earlier thread above).... My SA just emailed me with one good news and one 'not so good' news:
    She's ready to ship the Metallic Black to me TODAY!!:yahoo:
    But it's a size 226.....

    She didn't have a 227 for me as I originally requested for a 226 and all the 227 has been taken, it was too late for me to change my order....

    I have asked her to charge it to my card and ship the bag as I don't want to risk not having this gorgeous bag.....but should I keep this size? or try to sell it and get a 227 elsewhere?:sad:
  2. 226!!!!! keep the 226!!!!!! ooooo!! i can't wait to see actual pics of the black metallic on a TPFer!! congrats!!! :yahoo:
  3. metallic black is already coming in? where did you order it from? in my previous replies to your other post, i said go for the 227. but last week when i received a 227 dark gold, i thought the size was too big. i'm in the same height as you and i really think the 226 will be perfect.
  4. I would say get it first, try it out, if you don't like it, you can still return it.
  5. Oh Sweetsparkle..are you saying it just to make me feel good? I was totally sold when you posted the seinna miller pics....

    I ordered from Nordstrom, Mall of America...

    Thanks dear...I will try it on when I have it..
  6. I'm not saying it to make you feel better. I really do think the 226 size is perfect. But you know, it's all a matter of personal preference. I don't normally carry too much stuff in my bag and I like my bag to look proportional to my body...but some girls like bigger bags so it all depends. :smile:
  7. I would get it and try calling around for the 227. I know they aren't sold out. MY SA just called me about one today.
  8. Def give the 226 a try! At the least, you can try it on IRL and if you don't like it, return it.:tup:
  9. IceEarl: First of all, I love your 225. With the metallic black colour, I think it's better to stick with smaller bag. It's more for evenings. So I would suggest 226.

    Second, I do have questions for you. Assuming you're ordering the bag from HK.
    1) How much is the shipping? Any additional taxes/fees?
    2) Can I have the e-mail of your SA?
    3) Is it a better deal to buy from US & not from HK? I'm still not sure to get 225/226. Can I know how much are they in HK?

    Plz post photos - it'll be great if you can wear crossbody with your 226 (or 227), just like the way you did for your 225. I would like to get an idea about the different sizes. :idea: Thanks a lot!
  10. The 226 will be perfect if you use your re-issues for the evening.
  11. Iceearl I think the 226 fits to any height -I wanted it in the 226 too to use as an eve bag (I'm 5.9")since no 225 was released.Anyhow after I saw it IRL I would suggest the 227 since it's got dark/muted H/W and it's got a more sporty look.I personally got very disappointed I think the H/W don't match with the bag...I love metallic reissues I've got a 225 light silver and I thought I was going to see something similar to your 225 or Sienna Miller's but in metallic...far from it!Please post your comments when you get it maybe I need someone to make me change my mind :sad:!
  12. Hi sweetsparkle, xegbl,japskivt,alouette, thanks so much for your suggestions and kind words...

    syma and chanelspell, ... I already have a 225, it should take care of my night out events and dinner dates, so I actually hope that the next reissue can be a everyday bag for me... anyways, I should be receiving my purse around next Thursady, I will definately post pics and show you...Thanks for your support ...really appreciate it..
  13. Hi Ceci, yes I oredered my bag from a very good SA via email, I'll pm you the email address; the bag is USD2350 plus USD40 for shipping, there is no tax, I do not know how much it will cost in HK as non of the SA in HK could give me any information of a fall reissue.

    Yea sure, i will definately post pics once I receive the bags... thanks.
  14. Hi Ceci, I can't PM you, it says that you are either not allowed to receive pm or you are set not to receive pm. Anyways, my SA is sweet Carolyn of Nordstrom at Mall of America, a fav. of a number of us here at TPF, you can do a post search at the Chanel Shopping, I am sure you'll find her contact....:smile:

  15. Congrats dear!!!! I am soo happy for you! I say keep the 226! I really do think the 226 is the PERFECT size... Please please remember to post pics when you get it so I can live vicariously! I want a metallic black too boo hooo...