My 2nd and 3rd Purchases-- already!

  1. I only just received my first bbag yesterday and already I'm about to fax my order over to Aloha Rag for my 2nd and 3rd purchases!

    I've been drooling over the Vert D'eau, which is my favorite color ever and would work so well with my closet! I do think it's adorable in the Twiggy, but I'm 90% positive that I'll get the City instead... haha it took me many mental pro/con lists to get to this conclusion! The city is such a classic BBag that I want one asap, it would fit more stuff (small novels/notebooks for class), it would probably be more proportionate to my not-thin body :shame:, and i'm just afraid the twiggy's shape is too similar to some other bags I have but never carry (that's probably a wrong conclusion, but i don't want to take that chance with this color!).. on the other hand, I kinda think this color looks best on the twiggy, and do i need the size of the city in what's probably not an everday kinda color anyway? :confused1:

    Oof, that's the kind of conversation I'm having in my head! Thanks for reading all that rambling! What do you guys think?

    I'm also planning on getting a coin purse, but undecided on which color until I hear what they have in stock.

    Oh my, I should've taken classes on this kind of addiction in high school. :amuse:
  2. I think the City is perfect! :tup: I also love the Twiggy but only for certain can't go wrong either way. Post pics when you get them!
  3. The twiggy will hold more than you think! I did fit a thin notbook in it and a book I was reading along with my cell phone, wallet, and other randoms. I know your pain, b/c i just bought my first in the begining of Sept and I am looking for my second too! What was your first bag?
  4. love the twiggys!!!!! all BBAGs rock....... the city is a great size for a beginner......
  5. Congrats!
  6. dukechickie - that's awesome! You go girl!:tup:
  7. Great choice, love the vert d'eau!
  8. I love vert deau and don't think that you can go wrong with either bag. I think the city is great versatile bag, but I don't have a twiggy to compare it to...yet.
  9. I LOVE my VDE City ~ Perfect choice IMHO...