My 21st One to Remember

  1. So April 25th was my 21st :smile: I got a really gorgeous gift, very pearlisicous of a bday.

    Started off something like this..I wake up, go to my car to go to work and i see this (with 21 birthday balloons -thanks to the boyfriend and his brother who came to write on my car at 1am lol)

    and then..I got to my bf's house and he gave me my gift which i was a lil nervous for cuz he tends to go all out and i get tingie wen ppl waste alot on me, idk wat it is. but this time i just hushed and enjoyed my gift bc it was beautiful and classic.


    & it was thisss ...tahitian black pearl bracelet (he purchased at this really nice pearl store in short hills, with a lifetime guarentee - thanks goodness! knowing me lol)


    then i got to work and i got this from my boss and coworker. pearl pendant and oreo cake

    & i got home to see my flowers, carnations and roses from my mom & godmother.
    & then i got a jewelery armoir from my bf's mom witha cute precious moment for april bday

    & then i went out to eat with my bf (he took me originally to the melting pot but eh wasn't in the mood- so we went next door to Bensi which i had good food, he had yucky no seasoning stuff lol)

    & THATS MY 21st WITH NO ALCOHOL believe it or not! && i may go down to Atlantic city for some gambling, this weekend and birthday cake with the family. :smile: woot woot!

    </presentation end>
  2. ^^ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a ball! The 21st is a great one (but remember to count your blessings for each and every year you get..they are all wonderful IMO).
    I love all of your surprises! Looks like you have a great boyfriend w/good tastes! Also wonderful boss and co-workers---How sweet!

    Kudos for celebrating w/o alcohol. Alcohol is overrated in my least getting drunk is anyway!....LOL I've celebrated many w/o alcohol and enjoyed them all!

    Here's to many more great B-days!:balloon:
  3. happy birthday. beautiful bracelet and necklace.
  4. Congrats! And happy belated birthday!
  5. happy belated b-day! you must feel very loved :smile:
  6. Oh what a wonderful birthday, congrats!
  7. How sweet!!!!!!!
  8. Happy Birthday! I didn't drink on my 21st either...but I've made up for it plenty since then :p
  9. Looks fun! Now go get wasted!!!
  10. nice gifts! happy birthday!
  11. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! WOOO HOO!:party:
    What a great birthday full of great surprises. You have very sweet, wonderful people who really love you. Hope you have fun this weekend!
  12. Awww, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like you had an incredible day!!!

  13. AHH CONGRATS! i was born ONE day before you and i got tahitian pearl earrings! so funny! CONGRATS on being 21!!!! your BF and brother were too sweet!!!!
  14. Happy Birhtday! and OMG! that cake looks SOOOO good!
  15. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Congrats on the fab pressies and yummy cake! Here's to turning 21! :drinkup: