My 2 Birkins!!!

  1. Oh it's my helper's day off and I need to babysit DD. She has beeb very naughty!!!! :sweatdrop: :push:

    I can't put her down or she would cry really LOUD :blink: :s DH tried to help but she continued to cry till I carried her back!

    I'm trying to upload and type with 01 hand as she clings on to me now like a Koala bear...

    30Cm Rouge Garange and ORANGE!!! Yes!I finally got her :p :love:
  2. Viola, here are the twins! :yahoo: :love: Thank you for letting me to share my joy :p




    2 birkins a.jpg 2 birkins b.jpg 2 birkins c.jpg Scarf - dancers.jpg
  3. gorgeous! The rouge garance is epsom leather (as i recall you mentioned in an earlier post).. what about the orange?

    Do share with us how you got her... did you get both from your Singapore Hermes store?

    CONGRATS again to your beautiful haul of birkins
  4. wow i am in love with your 2 new babies easier to handle than the real thing to !congrats
  5. Wow Amanda!!! Very nice!!! :heart::heart:
    Jealous! Jealous! Jealous! :p
    Congrats! I'm so happy for you :yahoo::yahoo:.
  6. OMG! They're gorgeous!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


  7. Beautiful!!!! And with that scarf! WOW! :yes:

  8. What beauties!! I´m so jealous but also happy for you!!
  9. Amanda
    your new birkins are so..... pretty:heart: :heart: tell us the story about them:smile:Next time maybe you can get 35cm,by your height u can carry it very well too:love: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  10. Oh, they are perfectly gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!
  11. They're GORGEOUS, Amandakmc! The colors are amazing. Congrats on 2 new babies. (and the "clinging like a koala" thing sounds adorable. It makes me want to pick up your DD and give her a hug)

    I have the Danses Du Cosmos scarf in that same colorway and adore it. Mine has seen lots of wear already.
  12. CONGRATS, Amanda!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  13. Wow, wow, wow - congrats, Amanda! :yahoo:
  14. Congratulations on your two lovely beauties!!
  15. WOOOOOOOW! Lucky you! :nuts: :nuts: They're beautiful!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: Two at once!!!

    I really really like them, both!

    And it's such a great size. I love my birkin 30cm, and I have really used it a lot, I'm sure you'll use yours a lot too.:jammin: