my 1st tokidoki!!

  1. i just got this for christmas and i am now in LOVE with tokidoki..can someone tell me what this bag is called?

    i want to find more tokidoki bags but can't seem to find any retailers in Toronto. can someone help? Thanks!!!
  2. It's super cute! :]] It's called Adios Star Corriere
  3. the print is adios star, and the style of bag is a corriere
  4. yeah! thanks :tup:

    does anyone know where i can get more tokidoki bags in toronto? many thanks! :p
  5. eBay is a good place to buy Tokidoki and a lot of sellers ship to Canada. :yes:
  6. there are a few places to get them in TO. B2 (the shoe store) has current patterns (i think they are on sale too). De Catherina in Manulife Centre has some of the older and current patterns (be sure to ask for a discount). Accessory by Eva (Avenue Road & Eglinton) has discontinued Tokidoki but they have some older patterns. There is a store in Bayview Village but I don't know the name that also sale Tokidoki. Keep in mind that most Tokidoki in TO are overpriced. Sometime you can find good deal in eBay. Hope this help.
  7. thanks!:tup: i was at b2 today and there was only one playground bambinone left without a qee. :s
    i'll have to try the others later then.

    how about Winners? anyone?
  8. Winners sometimes have tokidoki. The last print they carried was the Adios Star, that was back in October, none of the Adios Star have qees.

    Which B2 did you go?
  9. i went to yorkdale
  10. cute! and yes, it is the corriere. =)