My 1st Mulberry arrived!

  1. The nice UPS man just delivered my indigo E/W Bayswater. :yahoo:
    Love the colour!
  2. Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  3. Congratulations!!!!! Post pics!!!
  4. Congrats! I love the Indigo colour!

    The UPS men must be getting lots of smiles today!
  5. Yay! Congratulations! Looking forward to pics...
  6. My poor man had a HORRIFIED me to deal with when I saw the wrecked state of the box, nearly crushed down to half it´s original size! Well, ok there was smiling when the bag came out safe :yahoo:!

    Congrats all of you (us) with brand new bags to spend the evening fussing around with!
  7. Sorry no pics. Don't have a digital camera, spend all my $ on bags!
    Rachiem has a picture of hers in the catwalk photo thread. Mine is identical.
    There is probably a way to copy her pic here but I haven't figured it out yet. I'm a newbie.
  8. Ooooo congrats, love that bag.
  9. Love your bag , looks very old school :heart:
  10. ooh congrats!!!! everyone seems to have new bags! I'm gonna buy one tomorrow!!
  11. What are you getting, Jo? Sorry if I'm not up to speed...
  12. Congrats on the e/w. Lovely colour.
  13. Well done on a fab choice for your first Mulberry, great colour! Hate to be the prophet of doom but you do realise there will be more! :death:(sorry, being itching to use that smilie, this may be the closest I'll ever get)

  14. Hello all
    I've just received my 1st ever Mulberry too and thought that I would celebrate by making my 1st post on this fab web site.
    I treated myself to an Effie and I'm so excited, I've wanted a Mulberry for ages and when the sales came round, well....
    It's the exact same one the Mymlan uses as her photo thingy. Darwin leather, gorgeous. It's already got all my stuff in it to use in the morning :p

  15. Thanks! (I think).

    There will be more bags but not anytime soon. Need to work some overtime, wait for more sales and hope the exchange rate gets better. The customs duty was :wtf: .
    I'd like to see things IRL before I buy but no Mulberry in Canada:crybaby:.