My 1st Dior bags!

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  1. I just got finished shopping at the Cabazon Premium Outlets in southern California, and it was sooo busy. I picked up 3 Dior bags, and matching wallets! I couldn't be happier! Along with those I made some other purchases:yahoo:

  2. <JAW-DROPS>

    Congratulations on your wonderful purchases!!! Now THIS is what I call shopping :nuts:
  3. wow what a day you had!!!

    That is a good shopping day - enjoy all your great new finds!
  4. how much was the orange dior stuff - I LOVE IT!! I'm going tomorrow and I need to know how much $$$$ to bring!!
  5. WOW!! FAB!! i love them ALL!!!!
  6. Thank you everyone! I couldn't believe how busy it was, I'm surprised my arm is still workin with all the bags I was luggin around...

    Spacytracy the Dior orange was $325 and the matching wallet was $190.
  7. Congratulations.
  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    u really DID shopping!!
  9. :nuts: wowza girl! That's a great haul!! Do you mind if I ask how much the blue Dior bag & wallet was?? :graucho:
  10. nice bags. congrats.
  11. congrats! nice purchases!
    did the outlet have any saddle bags?
    i might go there tomorrow:p
  12. Yes they did! They had 4 different styles, but the one I remember looking at was a Rasta one:yes:
  13. Wow! You got really good stuff there. Congrats!
  14. Wonderful bags, you really did your shopping well. Congrats!
  15. LOL! My thoughts exactly!