My 1st balenciaga bag. Name her!!

  1. Hello, I'm new to this site and absolutely loving it. Here's my 1st bbag in work sapin just received it yersterday.. Help me name her, will ya?:yahoo:
    P.S. I want more bbags!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. sooo pretty, congrats!!

    welcome to the PF!
  3. thanks rosemary.. !!
  4. Pinaygirl, I'm still learning about BBags and haven't yet taken the plunge, but good to see you have a beautiful 1st BB. It looks great on you and the color is fabulous. Congratulations!
  5. Hi pinaygirl1208!

    Gorgeous bag!!! (And I love the charms -- very sweet.)

    OK -- the gal that posted above gave me the idea I am going to suggest for your bag's name...


    The color is just that of fresh rosemary!

    Welcome to the board, it's a lot of fun. :smile:

  6. pinay.....CONGRATS!!! You new bbag is fabulously beautiful!!! Is it a Work?
  7. Hello Blessings!! Yes it's a work and I love her sooo! :>
    you should absolutely get one for sure!! I'm more of an LV or Chanel girl. But I have to say I'm in love with my bbag. Get one !!:graucho:
  9. Thanks Casey! I will definitely think about "Rosemary".
    Any more suggestions, ladies and gents?:confused1:
  10. welcome to tPF! its a gorgeous color! as for names... I'm not too good at that!
  11. ^ ah, thank you ladies, i feel so honoured! :tender:
  12. Welcome :flowers:
  13. Hi there and welcome from Southern California! Congrats on your new purse, it's so pretty!
  14. Welcome!
  15. Welcome to tpf!