My 1st AW mini reveal!

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  1. So I debated getting the Rocco in latte for the longest time but couldn't bite the bullet due to being scared of the weight. I stuff my bags full of crap until even lightweight bags become heavy so I couldn't imagine what stuffing a heavy bag would be like. Weirdly I didn't want the Rockie but was slightly feeling the mini bag trend...and then I was really wanting a pink bag. Unfortunately I have a habit of wanting things after they sell out and had missed my timing when they were clearing out the mini Rockie in blush but if it's meant to be....

    so i reveal my first AW!!! a mini Rockie in Blush with pale gold studs :heart:33
    So I got to satisfy my desire for a mini bag and a pink bag and a AW! triple win! :biggrin: although I might still be tempted for a latte rocco later hahaha do any of you that have rockie/mini and rocco think its worth having both?

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  2. She's a beauty for sure, congrats! Re: the Rocco, I love mine and wouldn't part with it but it's a moose...and I don't carry that much stuff. Curious as to why you wouldn't want a Rockie? One of my favourite bags in terms of what it can carry and the way it stays organized. And the latte is gorgeous!
  3. Congrats...such a cute bag. :tender:

    I wish that I could embrace the mini-bag craze but I just carry too much stuff and the proportions would be way off for me.
  4. Ironically i do consider the Rockie to be the perfect size but I wasn't a huge fan of the top opening compared to the Rocco. I know the mini has the same type of opening but I think the plus side of it is that it helps open up the bag to let in more stuff

    Heh thats what I struggle with but I think compared to other mini bags this one holds quite a bit! :graucho:
  5. So cute, great colour! Congrats!
  6. Mod shots!!! 😍

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  7. I realized that I never reallyyy showed the bag itself so here's a few more pictures!! :biggrin:

    and mod shots! (excuse the mess >_<)

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  8. Thanks babe! :biggrin:

    Have been considering latte but with rose gold studs.. Now that I've seen urs w gold studs.... I AM TEMPTED!!!!! *confuse
  9. such a cute bag!! love the color and size.
  10. cute rockie!!! :smile: