My 05 turquoise hobo arrived today!!!pics

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  1. lv 059.jpg

    lv 068.jpg

    lv 069.jpg

    lv 076.jpg

    lv 066.jpg
    I love this bag , the color is amazing, is a bit worn but this just gives caracter to the bag ( thanks Amour!) i think this color is perfect for a day bag, i am in love!!!:yahoo:
  2. Lovely bag!! Turquoise looks so good in the day! CONGRATS!!

    Your other BBags are gorgeous too!!
  3. Beautiful color, beautiful bag! Congrats!
  4. I have the same bag! Love it!
  5. awwww beautiful !! :love: :love:
    congrats !! :nuts: :yahoo:
  6. Such a pretty color. Enjoy it!!! :party:
  7. oh my... look teh way it slouches! i love used slouchy b bags :yahoo:
    congrats girl :party:
  8. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:
  9. Congradulations :yahoo: now i need to find a Turquoise too.:graucho:
  10. Pretty bag! It looks fabulous on you!:yes:
  11. I'm soooo jealous! I want one! Lol. Enjoy.
  12. thank you girls for your lovely words!!! i am very happy:smile::jammin:
  13. Congrats! Love the Day and the color!
  14. Woo hoo! the turq05 color is GORGEOUS imho :smile:
  15. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations lovelv.