My 05 Turquoise City and new charm!

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  1. I just wanted to share my 05 Turquoise City with everyone and a cute charm I got yesterday as a gift from Mischka! Thank you!



    The charm totally resembles my dog Crunchy!!


    BTW- I think the color is pretty close to an 05 Turquoise. :heart:
  2. Crunchy is adorable! I love your charm.
  3. so cute! the charm definitely resembles Crunchy!! (love the name- made me laugh :smile: also, your turq looks gorgeous! leather looks like it's already breaking in. pretty!
  4. Thanks sunny07 and lizz. here's one more drool worthy shot before I added the Crunchy charm.

  5. Love your bag, Love your charm! :heart: I agree with sunny, I think the bag looks like it's breaking in too, maybe a good example of what the caramel one I asked about will look like.
  6. Where do people buy charms?
  7. OMG! I love your drool worthy bag ... and that charm is so adorable, Crunchy is so precious, I just want to hug her!
  8. LOVE your dog Crunchy and LOVE your Turq City with Crunchy Charm~~~!!!:heart: SO CUTE!!!
  9. such a cute charm fayden, and what a FAB turquoise you've got here, wow wow wow, this is the turquoise of my dream.:wtf::drool::drool::drool:
  10. Love the bag! And the charm is really cute! Looks just like your puppy!
  11. Holy.

  12. Oh wow :drool::drool: your purse is amazing. I'm so jealous lol :Push:
  13. ^^^Thank you!!!!! I rarely get to use her since my everyday bag is my Violet work. I rotate my city bags on the weekends only. I so wish I had a turquoise work!
  14. :drool:I never get bored of 2005 Turquoise pics and yours is so GORGEOUS!! If I think of all of my bbags in my closet, that is the first one that comes to mind. It reminds me of that vivid color on the tail of a peacock. So beautiful! I love the charm too, it's adorable.
  15. What a perfect bag!!! And the charm is soooo cute.

    But I like Crunchy the best :smile: