My 05' S/S Indigo Twiggy is here!!!

  1. :love: Yay! Here it is ladies! Im am in love. The leather is soooo beautiful!
    DSC03355.JPG DSC03356.JPG
  2. Bee-yoo-tee-full!
  3. Kimmie it's like Xmas day! Beautiful, truly. Yes. OMG I love your new avatar lol!!!!!
  4. The leather looks wonderful :love: An apple city and an indigo twiggy - lucky girl! :nuts:
  5. Double Yay!!! :biggrin: Congrats...your new twiggy is gorgeous!!

    PS...I :love: your new avator!
  6. Congrats, ranskimmie. That is one terrific find. Enjoy.
  7. we know where all the great bags are going! To YOUR house! I like this one, too...the blue color is really nice. It looks very denim friendly.
  8. OMG -- that is a beautiful color! Congratulations!
  9. nice pictures! leather looks great. lucky you!
  10. :nuts: :love: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love it!!!!
  11. Congrats, ranskimmie! You've scored such beautiful bags!
  12. So lovely! What an exciting week for you it must have been!
  13. Pretty color, congrats!
  14. Gorgeous color! I love that shade of blue. Congratulations!
  15. Thanks girls,
    its been quite and exciting week for me with these awsome finds! Time to stop............ NOT!
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