must visit shops/places in LA

  1. hi all! just wanna know if there are shops/areas that are a must to visit in LA. I've been there before but more as a tourist not really a shopper. Now I'm still a tourist but more a shopper :p. If anyone can suggest really good stores that would be awesome. I'll be staying in the beverly hills area so anywhere near there would be great since I dont have a car. thanks a bunch! :cutesy:
  2. ok, other than the obvious designer boutiques on rodeo and the huge department stores like Neimans and Saks on wilshire, i'll suggest some of my favorite smaller stores:

    cusp- pretty big designer boutique that just opened in century city (the mall)
    ron herman- one on beverly and one on melrose
    body- on beverly south of wilshire
    dale michele- on beverly
    lisa kline- one on beverly and one on robertson
    madison- one on robertson and one on melrose

    i'm probably forgetting a few, but if you look around these general areas (beverly drive, robertson blvd, and melrose blvd) you will definitely find a lot of cute stores, and best of all, they're all pretty close.
  3. I have to second Robertson and Ron Herman and Fred Segal. Also if you happen to be in Manhattan Beach there are some great little boutiques and lunch places right on the beach. Check out Dolly Rocker and Tabula Rasa.
  4. thanks for the recs will definitely check out those stores. btw, are there stores near the beverly hills area that are like scoop nyc or intermix? thanks!