Must-See Bit of Art That Does It All (Not the usual ShimmaPuff word-dump)

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  1. Art is supposed to inspire us, move us, motivate us, and to each of us will come, probably no more than a handful of times in a lifetime, one little stitch in the tapestry of the only thing besides love that is truly eternal, that will get us off our butts to attack this or that onerous chore - for me, that would be the overture of Nabucco - or pull us out of sadness and make us laugh till our cheeks hurt - BTW, my list in that category just got a recent addition: Growing Up Cullen.

    Art can make us cry - I cannot hear Miss Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi sing the song Khabi, Khabi without sending my tear ducts into overdrive.

    Rarest of all is art that will do all those things, make you laugh, make you cry, make you want to make some art yourself, send you off burning with ambition and confidence to clean that closet, give that slimy scumbag of a boss a long overdue ultimatum about a long-overdue raise, finish that dissertation or blogpost or science project AND leave you with the most unaccustomed feeling of certainty that the world has more good things in it than bad, our species does not entirely suck, a generalized sense that the movie that is the history of mankind will live happily ever after.

    Such jewels are not found exclusively among the classics, sometimes they find you in the most unexpected places, which is especially appropriate if absolutely nothing about them is expected.

    If this happens to be a piece of Great Art that likes you like that, consider yourself officially found by it.

    OK, I said not the usual, so without further verbosity, Please click here and watch
    She Without Arm, He Without Leg: A Pas de Deux
    in case I didn't do the youtube thing right.

    I really can't say anything about it that the artists don't say much, much better than I ever, ever could.

    (If this is not posted in the right place, I apologize to Our Serene Management for making more work for them in the form of moving it to wherever I should have put it)
  2. Wow--- that was inspiring. The ability continue with their art form despite their "percieved" disabilities. Talk about wanting something and going after it.
  3. Wow. Just wow.

    Thanks ShimmaPuff.

    (By the way, I adore your "verbosity!" Keep it up!)
  4. As a former dancer, I was quite moved by this. Amazing talent in the face of a disability.

  5. Lol! Don't worry Shimma, We still love you anyways!!!

    Loved the Video!
  6. Thanks for sharing this Shimma - maybe my thread of the day . . .
  7. Very moving, Thanks!
  8. Thank you for posting this for us...
  9. video not working for me... :sad:
  10. Oh that is absolutely stunning and beautiful!!!!!!! What a well choreographed piece and the music is lovely! Their extension, expressions and passion are something that all dancers should strive to emulate; gorgeous... I'm glad I found this thread!