Must read for pug lovers

  1. Greetings to all happy slaves to pugs

    Today I attended the biggest fundraiser of the year for British Columbia Pug Rescue. I had a ball. I brought treats so I enjoyed lots of cuddles and pug kisses.

    The costume event has always been my favorite. Today was no different. My fav's:

    *Adorable blonde girl pug in a super-cute pink top with mini-handcuffs attached to sleeve. (What's that about???? I thought.) Turned out she was dressed as Paris Hilton. She won first prize.

    *Black pug dressed in a panda outfit. Panda head fitted on the pug brow. Adorable and funny.

    *Fawn pug dressed in a lion outfit complete with tail. Waaaay cute.

    *2 pugs wore coats of lime-green tight curly plastic. I thought they were mini-golf courses. Turned out they were frogs.

    *The ubiquitous Bride and Groom appeared. Once unleased, the bride took off and started visiting with all the boy pugs. What a hussy.

    *One teenage human gal dressed as Little Bo Peep. She dressed her pug as a lamb. The pug wore a white shag bath matt.

    There was an agility course. Not one pug got through the course without being distracted by other pugs partying.

    There was a 10 week-old puggette. There was a 19-year-old dowager. Plus everything in between.

    Lots of funds were raised and a good time was had by all.

    No dog is sillier than a pug!
  2. It's no mystery that I am a Boxer mommy, but pugs are possibly my favorite small dog. Their personalities are so unique and funny--all the ones I've ever met just win me over.

    Bless you for working for the breed rescue group. We help with Carolina Boxer Rescue and other shelters--so rewarding.
  3. Yay pugs! I love my Toby!
  4. I have 3 pugs! Sounds like you had a fun time! In October I will be taking my pugs to "Pugtoberfest." It is a Halloween event a local Pug Rescue puts on and is lots of fun. I need to start planning their costumes!

    BTW currently my pug Disco is running in circles trying to get his tail, which will never be possible. Poor guy.

  5. 3 pugs!
    Every day must be a Pugtoberfest at your house! Fun!

    I used to make very elaborate costumes for my pug. The last one was a Cleopatra outfit. She had gold sheer bellydance pants with coins (how riske!) and a King-Tut style headress in gold metallic with coloured hieroglyphics.

    One year I dressed her as Tinkerbell. I made a sequined breastplate, rhinestoned tiara, and a very full tutu in Pepto Bismol pink. I placed dozens of tiny electric lights all over the skirt. (The battery pack was in the skirt near her tummy.) I taught her to jump through a hoop when I said "Fly Tinkerbell, Fly!"

    There was an extremely cute little girl pug at yesterday's event. I REALLY wanted to take her home. Her name was Stella - as in A Streetcar Named Desire. It was funny when her dad bellowed out her name to try to get her to come to him. Although young, Stella was very trusting of all the new people and dogs. It was clear she depends upon the kindness of strangers.
  6. I love those costumes, wish we had pics!
  7. LOL!!! Ahh poor Disco, my Lil Minnie has the same terrible nightmare of unable to catch her tail everyday!!

    The fundraising sounds great! See in the UK Pugs are not popular! Prob becasue of the price of them over here so there are like 3 pug shows held by the UK Pug club every year! I would LOVE to go to a pug event!!
    There is a black pug that lives near us and him Alfie and my baby have only seen each other once, it was love at first sight and they played for ages!
    Its soo funny because of how they play, its not like how a 'normal' dog would play its like how cats play!
    I love pugs sooo much, and i will definatley be getting more! xx
  8. Luva Pug is right - pugs do play different from other dog breeds.

    I've always thought they looked like Japanese Sumo Wrestlers when they play. But pugs are always so sweet tempered. So it's like watching Shirley Temple Sumo wrestle! (Now that's an image!)
  9. ^Yes, it is true that pugs play different than other breeds. They definitely do look like Sumo wrestlers! Haha. Mine are always wrestling. They always love to run hot laps around the house. "The pug run." They get nuts.

    Also I think pugs prefer to play with other pugs. When we take mine to bark park all the pugs will get together and form a little pug clan.
  11. Lol The Pug Run!!! We call is the wall of death!! I dont know why, its beacuse she runs sooo fast and her little legs are moving soo quickly its like shes running to save her life!!
    Its soo funny sharing stories about our babies! I just love hearing them!

    Does anyones pug scream? Minnie does, just wondering?!
    Its like a human scream when shes excited!
    Go to youtube and theres a pug that screams just like her!
  12. I would be happy to post pics but I don't know how to do it on tPF. I could do it if the pics were on a website somewhere. But I don't know how to post it from my computer to tPF. If you know and have the patience to share, I would love it.

    Happy to be crazy in pug love!
  13. Yes, I have two screaming pugs! Hazel always screams in the car. She gets too excited going on bub-byes. She will do this the whole time in the car; mostly because she knows she is on her way to bark park. :nuts:

    Disco will scream when he hears us get home and we are at the door and haven't entered yet. His scream is the most bizzare sound ever. It seriously does not look like he'd make such a noise. I will have to video it sometime.

  14. If you want to email me pics, I'd be happy to post them here for you! It is no problem and would be fun.:yahoo:

    (Otherwise, here is what I do:
    Upload to from computer
    click on "all sizes" of picture once uploaded, choose the small/med size, then grab the url at the bottom of the page by Copying it. Then on your pf post, click on the icon, second from the right at very top (yellowish square with a mountain and sun), up diagonally to the left from the smilies, then, paste the url from flickr into the space, and voila, there is a pic!)
  15. I have 2 chi's and I am thinking of getting a pug. Could I possibly get some pro's and cons of the breed. I think they are so cute. I am trying to decide which breed will be a compatible match for me and my chi's, lol. I can look up the main stuff like size and weight but I would like some first hand experience from the experts. I was going to start a thread but I think this fits in here with pug lovers!?!?