Must have..

  1. what is/are your MUST have in my handbag..

    ie sunnies, makeup.... ect....

    These days it seems my bag is just getting over loaded. I"m begining to wonder what i really must have and dont need at all.
  2. Glasses case, ciggies and lighter, tissues, little perfume atomiser, lip balm, pillbox, oil-blotting papers, at least one pen, wallet, small leather-bound notepad, eyeliner pencil, a book if I'm going somewhere I'll have to wait---doctor's office, DMV, etc--oh, lots of stuff! Thank goodness for big bags!
  3. Must have will be Wallet and Cell phone. I cant live without my cell phone now!
  4. I think my absolute must-haves are my makeup bag and wallet. oh and keys! my bag has a whole lot of other stuff, but i can do w/o it.
  5. Wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, make-up bag, pain/cold/sinus meds, glasses, iPod, small notebook, pen, work ID, hair brush.
  6. Let's see...wallet, cellphone, make-up bag (with lipstick, powder, blush, eyedrops and pen), and water bottle. I change bags regularly, so I try to keep everything in packs, to easily transfer stuff.
  7. Wallet, cell phone, rubber band, lip balm, keys, sunglasses, kleenex, and calendar. Those are mine!
  8. Wallet, Keys, Cell phone, purse hanger, smokes & lighter, pen and a makeup bag with the misc touch up items needed.
  9. Mobile Phone - Sunglasses - Wallet - Lipstick - Lipgloss - Face Powder - Mints - Gum - ipod
  10. I feel naked unless I have my purse, keys, mobile phone, lippie, sunglasses, hairbrush and a pen. I've tried doing the school run with just my keys but it's no good, I have to have the lot with me or else I get twitchy!
  11. wallet, 2 cell phones, make up, swiss army, 2 pack of ciggies, lighter, agenda, handkerchief
  12. My wallet, cellphone and keys are an absolute must-have for nights out. If I'm simply going out, then my agenda is another must-have because my time is scheduled round it.
  13. wallet , keys, phone, lip balm, + pen. Simple me!
  14. On a weekday: wallet, house keys, car keys, lipstick, lip balm, purse-size perfume spray, iPod, phone, cardigan, small silk scarf, pair of heels (ballet flats for pounding the pavement, heels for trying to see over the bar table in court!). Sometimes I will take a small clutch if I'm going to lunch during the day. I can't believe I can fit this much stuff in my bags!

    On the weekends: wallet, house keys, car keys, gum, bottle of water, lipgloss, phone.

    AND TISSUES - my mamma raised me right!
  15. cellphone, makeup, small comb, mints/gum and sunnies!