Must Have it! Burgundy Patent Riki Bag

  1. Recently I bought CL shoes and now I really really want this bag at the 40% to 50% sales price it was last month.

    If anyone has a SA who calls them to let them know when sale bags come bag into stock or someone I can call, please let me know!

    I will be your slave forever :tender:
  2. chicbags this bag is no longer being sold in the stores or boutiques:crybaby: believe me I tried every store from here to Hawaii last Spring because I waited too long, but there was an authentic one on eBay the other day 220145631866 that did not sell. I think you should try to contact her to see if she is going to re-list it as it was a BIN price of $1200.00 OBO

    Good luck!
  3. I emailed her and asked why she ended it and she said a couple of Buyers told her how it was half off earlier. She decided to just keep it.
    How much should I be willing to pay (knowing in the back of my mind it was 50% off and I snoozed and lost)?:confused1:
  4. I guess it depends upon how badly you want the bag. I know I was willing to pay full price back in the spring when I was trying to hunt down the Ramona. The bag is Stunning and everytime I look at the "JC Members bag" thread and I see Cosmo's I still kick myself that I didn't buy it when I had the chance:crybaby:
  5. Well, poo. :push:
    We both messed up, huh?
    Have you tried Saks and the Boutiques recently?
  6. Kat also posted photos of her burgundy patent bag in the "members thread", but hers is a Riki which is what you're looking for. It's great to see these bags being modeled to really get an idea of what it looks like IRL. :tup:

    While it stinks that you missed the sale, you may regret it even more if you miss the bag all together. Who knows if or when you'll ever find another one?

    Maybe you can offer the eBay seller something in-between her asking price and the 50% off sale price?
  7. I tried several options, but the bag was from last Pre Fall & Winter 2006, so it has only available through ebay sellers and most of the ones I saw were fake. I honestly doubt the bag ever made it to 50% off :confused1: as they were not obtainable. I finally was able to get closure when I purchased the Liquid Patent Mahala in May. The color is so awesome and it was so close to the Ramona, I ended up very satisfied with my Mahala and have put it all behind me:girlsigh:
  8. Stinkerbelle - very good point. I did send her an email to see if we could work something out!
    I wish she were a bit more seasoned like us who know that if a bag is in our closet, something is better than nothing regardless of out initial output.
    We all make mistakes or find something we love more.
    Plus she did wear it 4 or 5 times,
    which means 10 -20 times IRL :yahoo:

    robynbenz - is that bag still available?
    Sounds gorgeous :p and I do already have 2 Ramonas, one of which is the black patent.

    Burberry has a gorgeous one in their campaign ad this season. :heart:
  9. Good luck! I hope the seller is reasonable as well and will realize that if the bag didn't sell previously, there must have been a reason. Like perhaps she was asking too much? :hrmm:

    I agree with you too in that worn is worn. Lightly, gently, hardly, or I only wore it to church once and even then I left it in it's's still not new with tags and that equals a reasonable discount IMO. :choochoo:

    I hope you're able to come to come to an agreement with the seller and the bag is soon's SO pretty! :heart:
  10. Chicbags the liquid patent Mahala is a Fall bag that is available at all the department stores: SFA, NM, B & G, Nordies and all JC boutiques. It is the bag on the right (obviously) and the color is TDF:drool: You can also see Darlie wearing hers and you can check out the JC members thread where I am wearing mine. I just love it and come to think about it, I think it is time to put my Burgundy Ring in the dustbag and pull her out:yahoo:
    shinnyjc's.JPG patentcollection.JPG rikiramona5.JPG
  11. ^^^ :drool: Stunning!!! I love all your bags. It makes me want the liquid mahala.
  12. Robyn, as always, thanks for the kind words about my bordeaux patent Ramona! :flowers:

    Chicbags, Robyn is correct that this color sold out very quickly in fall/winter 06 in both the Ramona and Riki sizes, and it was difficult to find after that. I never saw it on sale for 50% off anywhere. Hope you can work it out with that eBay seller.

  13. Thanks Ladies! So far no reply, but not everyone is online 24/7 like us :roflmfao:

    I just adore patent! Especially this shade. :yes:
  14. That is a beautiful color! I agree, the patent bags are soooo hot.
  15. Whatever happened with this bag? Did the seller reply to your offer? I hope's such a pretty color! :yes: