1. Can anyone suggest a good concealer? I want to try Laura Mercier Secret Camo, but wanted some opinions first. I have a few lines around the eyes.
  2. I personally use MAC select cover and it works great for me. I use it to conceal any under eye darkness.
  3. i like bobbi browns
  4. I use Nars concealer in Custard and it's perfect
  5. I use one of Avon's. Pretty cheap and does the job. I mainly use it to cover up redness from blemishes, it's a green one. I'm not sure it'd work for undereye though, I think for those you have to go skin coloured concealer.
  6. i love the laura mercier one and also love the bobbie brown concealer stick...
  7. i use a laura mercier foundation stick to cover up blemishes and set it with my trish mineral powder. undereyes i also used trish. its more natural on me then mac. problem is i thinki put too much becuase it catches in my crease.
  8. Thank you guys! I need more makeup as I get older, to look like I'm wearing less! I ordered some Armani last night after reading lots of reviews-will let you all know!
  9. aarti, i have the crease problem too ...

    don't know how to correct it ... :shrugs:

    lizavet, armani seems to work for some ppl really well but was too oily for me after a few hours...

    tell us how it works for you!!
  10. I like Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer.