Muse or Downtown!!!

  1. Ok, I need help. I really want a ysl, but being the young woman that I am I really can't afford a new bag every season. I like both the muse and downtown in maybe black, but which has the most staying power. Please help me decide!! :confused1:
  2. i prefer the muse.
  3. I'd say Muse.
  4. Hard decision to make. I love the Muse. I own one and love it to the bits. At first I wasn't really a huge fan of a Downtown, but after seing it in different colours I must say I totally love it (especially in white or black, but patent). So, I'm really sorry, but I'm no help.
  5. The Muse. It is much more feminine and classic. Muse all the way!
  6. i pic muse!
  7. muse
  8. i have the same dilemma!! lolx..
  9. i would choose the muse too :smile:
  10. I would get the Muse. I think that while it may not be THE "it" bag to have anymore, it is definitely a classic. I also like the structure that the Muse has all over.

    Love the Downtown as well, but the Muse is my personal preference over all.
  11. I vote for the muse.
  12. Going to be different & say the Downtown, I love this bag!
  13. I'm obessing over the downtown right now. I like the muse to but I find it more.....ummmm....tame (I think that's the word I'm looking for), while the downtown is a little more edgy. Or maybe cause the muse never grew on me. So I say DOWNTOWN!
  14. I had the same dilemma when I went to Harvey Nichols the other day to put my name on the list for a Large Muse; saw the Downtown & loved it as well! However, I found that the Muse holds A4 papers & small laptops (I have a Macbook 13.3") wheras the Downtown didn't hold it as well. Therefore I would say Muse for practicality... but I just love it anyway :love:
  15. I prefer Muse. =)