Muse - Knowing this, would you still buy a Muse?

  1. You like the Muse, but now that you've read about the threading coming apart (see link below), would you still buy one deeming this as a small matter?

    I am falling in love with the Muse now that I know they hv a medium size but I'm rather disturbed on this flaw. It's unacceptable if I have to use superglue or live with this on the price I'm going to pay for the Muse.

    What about you?
  2. I would still buy it. A few loosen thread is not going to make the bag fall apart. My muse has been working like a horse for the past months and its still going strong.

  3. Does the threads come loose too on your Muse? What's the size of your Muse and what's your height if I may ask. Just want to do a proportion. Thanks,
  4. Doesn't bother me about the stitching coming loose either. I STILL love my Muse, so far the stitching HASN'T come loose.:sweatdrop:...knock on wood! I have the oversized Muse and I'm only 5'2" (usually wear 3-4 in. shoes, though) and a size 16, I only buy big bags, love 'em!:yes:
  5. I have the muse in black and I haven't noticed the thread getting loose yet. Maybe because its a dark color. I know how you feel, YSL philippines, will not accept that definitely. But it is still a lovely bag and i've been using mine for the past week and loving it. I'm from the philippines also. Nice to know someone from this side of the globe loves bags like I do:yes:
  6. mlbags, yes mine was already loose when I tried the bag in the store and it didn't bother me at all. I bought it anyway. Mine is the black oversized and I'm 5'7". I look better in oversized compare to the large. :P
  7. I have 2 and haven't had a problem--yet. I think it may depend upon how they're carried--I use mine as a top handle purse. I think when they rub against clothing--particularly jeans seams, they may be more fragile?
  8. The stitches coming off definitely won't make the bag fall apart. A couple of stitches have come off in mine as well. I went to the YSL store and they were willing to repair it - I think it takes about a week to get it re-stitched. decided against getting it fixed now as I think it gives the bag a lived in look which I prefer. I guess I'll have them repair it when it really starts to bug me.
  9. Yes, I would still buy it. On my Chocolate Oversize Muse, one strand of thread on one of the stitches has come loose. I clipped it off. I am extremely careful with this bag, and I don't carry it everyday, so I am disappointed, but I am trying NOT to freak out about it.
  10. The thread on mine have kinda come loose , but i dont think it changes how nice it looks.
  11. A few of the stitches on my medium muse are loose - I still love it, and they're not getting any worse.
    I'd have bought it anyway, such a great bag.
  12. Mine are loose too and I still love it.
  13. I use mine non-stop, and no threads have come loose.
  14. I carry my black medium muse at least a few times a week (even on the bus during commute hours!) and no threads have come loose yet. It's been 1+ month now...
  15. I've been pondering this actually. I can't believe the stiching problem given that its an expensive designer bag - maybe its deliberate so that you can only use it one season??