Multicolor Bandeau?

  1. HI PFer's
    I'm looking at the black multicolor bandeau-i have a LVOE AND RED FLEUR ONE , WHICH i LOVE- dO YOU THINK IT WILL LOOK GOOD ON MY BLACK EPI SPEEDY30?
    oR IS IT TOO LV?
  2. get it. itll look so hot.
  3. I think it will look very cute
  4. get it, that would look so cute.
  5. Get it! The multicolor LV pattern will look really nice against the black speedy...I think somewhere in one of the club threads, or maybe in the "scarves on bags" old thread somewhere, someone posted a pic of a black MC bandeau on a black epi looked good!
  6. I LOVE mine!!! Get it!
    They should be around for a while?
  8. I saw one last night at the LV Waikiki boutique here :smile: It was really nice. Different than the white one I see everywhere.
  9. Epi isn't screaming LV, So I think you can definetly add some extra!
    Show pics when you've got it!
  10. I say get it.I'm sure it'll look fab!
  11. I agree with the others and say get it also.

    The Epi isn't "flashy" like the MC Bandeau is, therefore it will even out very nice.

    I don't think they are limited. They have been around for quite some time now.
  12. I almost bought one, changed my mind, thinking it might be too flashy. Then changed my mind again, and hubby said they have none in Australia left and he had to get them to order it from overseas.
  13. couturegirl (or couturegurl) had a pic pf her black MC bandeau tied on her black epi keepall and it looked outrageously good!!
  14. They would look FABULOUS together!