Mulitpocket Cherry Blossom Help

  1. I got my small multipocket in Cherry Blossom and I don't know.......this color is strange to me.....don't know if I like it.
    I bought it on line so I didn't get to see it before I bought it.
    Someone please assure me that this color is cute.....!!!
    I'm bummed out now.:confused1:
  2. Can you post some pictures?
    Cherry blossom sounds very pretty:yes:
  3. I think it's a lovely shade of pink! It's perfect for summer and spring! I'm sorry you're so bummed about it! I hate that feeling of thinking it will be one thing, and getting something totally different! If you don't love it soon, then you could consider reselling it on eBay!
  4. I like cherry blossom a lot too. I think it's great for spring and summer.. the other day I was thinking I needed a pink bag for my collection.

    Enjoy her, she's great!
  5. Cherry Blossom s cute in the smaller bags. In Venetia or large mp it looks silly since it's such a bubblegum pink. You got the small mp so it's cute. I was torn between CB & Petunia & chose Petunia b/c it's more muted.
  6. Please post a picture!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I think it is gorgeous, but then I'm a pink lover too. I would love to have that bag!
  9. The picture I posted is from on line.
    I will post my actual bag when I get home from work tonight.
    It looks so much cuter in the above picture. Mine alsmost has a "salmon" like color to it................
  10. I like the cherry blossom! It's pretty!
  11. Took me awhile, but here is my actual bag.
    Do you like? It's looks lighter pink in the picture

  12. I think it's really cute!
  13. I think that the vivid colors look really nice in the smaller bags. I've seen the cherry blossom color in another style and really like it a lot. Carry it around for a while and see if you don't get lots of compliments!
  14. I think Cherry Blossom is a beautiful color! That's a great bag for summer!
  15. Pretty bag! Try wearing it with a plainer colored outfit (like white.. that would be pretty!) if you're worried about too much color. :yes: