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  1. I'm normally not a fan of brown bags, but the rivets and detailing on this one is lovely. It's quite a large bag in person.

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  2. I really like that bag!! Maybe I will have to write about it on my site this week!! Did you find it at the website?
  3. I know Megs, the more I look at the bag the more I dig it. :smile: I actually saw it at Saks, and it looks gorgeous in person too.

    I think another thing that was a factor for me is how cool and easy to use Mulberry's website is. (is that weird?) I'm so tired of going to designer's websites and seeing nothing whatsoever on their products...
  4. I have that bag and it is awesome - and I have the Roxanne too. Get it, it is SO worth the price. It is vintage-y and cool and holds a ton. I cannot rave enough about Mulberry.
  5. Is there anything inside the Bayswater? It looks to me like a big tote that would be empty inside. I have a Roxanne and it only has one pocket inside but its got great pockets outside. Tell! Tell!
  6. Argh! I'm so jealous! :lol: It looks like it's so wearable and practical too. Does it have inside pockets?